Zone Kitchens – How to Create a More Functional, Ergonomic and Efficient Kitchen

Modern kitchens often involve multiple people working together in tandem on cooking processes, which necessitate keeping your workspace clear of clutter to reduce clumsiness, mess and stress. Therefore, recent trends have moved away from traditional work triangles towards zone kitchens which break up space into multiple work-friendly zones.

By designing your kitchen to accommodate food prep, clean-up, and cooking equipment in separate zones and defining appropriate storage solutions for each, you can create more functional, ergonomic, and efficient work spaces.

The prep zone is where all of your meal preparation takes place, including chopping, mincing and mixing. Ideally located near to your sink with plenty of counter space available for prep areas – it will also house many utensils you use frequently during preparation like chef’s knives, cutting boards and chopping boards that you will store here as well. Make sure this zone isn’t too far from where your cooking zone lies so that you can easily move between both areas without interrupting what you are doing!

Your cooking zone should include your oven and cooktop as well as all larger appliances used during the process of cooking. Here you should store hotplates, baking trays, utensil holders and range hoods if necessary; and also install drawers to store cooking utensils such as saucepan lids.

Consumables is another key zone to consider. Here you can store any non-perishable foods and snacks you might need, which could either go in your pantry or fridge as suitable storage areas. A great idea would be a pull-out tray at your sink to hold sponges, scrubbers, and cleaning items so that they’re accessible without leaving your cooking zone to fetch them.

An ideal beverage zone can add the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen, from simple to complex designs. The key is making it simple and stress-free to grab your favourite beverage when needed – be it entertaining guests or enjoying an after dinner beverage – without having to go far for it. A wine bar or drinks cabinet with glass doors are great ways of providing quick access to drinks for easy grabbing when required; these solutions save both time and stress when entertaining guests or simply looking forward to enjoying one after dinner! Our expert designers can assist in designing an ideal zone kitchen suitable for any space – click here and book an appointment with them now!

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