Worst Trees to Plant Near Your Pool

Many homeowners choose trees to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their pool landscaping. Some trees can provide ample beauty, while others pose various problems when planted nearby pools – leaves, berries and fruit that damage it; sap that oozes out onto decks and patios creating mess; seeds clogging skimmer baskets or other parts of pool equipment; as well as large trunks/branches which pose risk from dropping debris into it.

Deciduous trees (those that drop their leaves every fall), berry-producing hollies and magnolia, cottonwood, eucalyptus, mulberry and oleander* (which is actually a large bush) should all be avoided near pools as these often drop numerous items that become problematic; leaves can clog the skimmer and other equipment; berries stain your yard and pool; sap creates messy pool water conditions; thorns can injure people or animals while seeds become an ongoing nuisance – just to name some examples.

Also to avoid are ash, walnut, and willow trees as these shed their leaves during fall cleanings of pools, making cleaning them an all-consuming job. Willow trees expel sticky sap that is difficult to remove from surfaces causing fungal buildup on surfaces and can contribute to fungal buildup on surfaces around pools. Their aggressive root systems tend to migrate toward all available water sources including those within your pool’s boundaries – potentially breaking its liner linings as it takes over!

Evergreen trees such as arbor vitae, cypress, and spruce make great options for areas surrounding a swimming pool. Not only can these evergreens add color and shade without blocking your view of other features in your outdoor space; but be mindful that evergreens may shed their leaves during winter and may require pruning in order to stay healthy and maintain shape.

Palms can add curb appeal and shade to your poolside area while simultaneously adding curb appeal. All they require for proper care is occasional trimming of dead fronds and seed bunches that accumulate at their center canopy.

Add some visual interest to your pool landscaping with non-problematic trees such as acacia, banana, citrus (orange, grapefruit and lemon), olive, palms, magnolia or yucca. Oleander should be avoided since its toxic toxins could prove fatal for young children or pets who come in contact with it even briefly.

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