Why Are My Money Plant Leaves Curling?

Money plants are an attractive addition to any home decor and an easy addition for beginners. Money plants make a striking statement whether displayed alone or as part of a verdant indoor jungle. Unfortunately, like any plant they can sometimes develop problems with their leaves; such as curling leaves. There are several solutions to fix this issue and this article should provide enough insight for you to address any causes for concern and address them appropriately.

Chinese money plant leaves often curl when under stress, due to factors such as low light levels, water issues and temperature changes. This article offers expert tips for identifying the cause and remedy.

One of the primary factors contributing to money plant leaves curling is low humidity levels. Plants can tolerate some level of humidity; if it drops too far below this, however, their leaves will begin to curl inward and lose color, and even curl inward again! Unfortunately, pinpointing an exact source may be challenging since temperature fluctuations or improper watering could also play a part in low humidity.

Money plant leaves often curl due to an imbalance of nutrients in their soil, caused by using incorrect type or lack of enough watering. Money plants require loose, well-draining soil so their roots can get access to essential vitamins and nutrients; either switching up soil type or cutting back watering can rectify this issue.

If the leaves on your money plant are curling upwards, this could be a telltale sign that there’s something amiss with its roots. This could be caused by either poor drainage or an overcrowded root system; either way, repotting with soil mix that will allow water to drain quickly is key – vermiculite-peat-coarse sand mixture is ideal; alternatively perlite-based mixes offer sufficient oxygen levels for roots.

Your money plant’s leaves may also curl due to an infestation from pests such as aphids, mealybugs or gnats sucking away moisture from its leaves – another reason it is essential that you inspect your plants on an ongoing basis for pests.

Money plant leaves often curl due to not receiving sufficient light. Although money plants thrive in direct sunlight, direct exposure can scorch their leaves causing curling. A shade or indirect lighting solution could remedy this situation while additionally using a fungicide/bactericide product is advised in order to stop diseases spreading across their leaves.

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