Why Are My Money Plant Leaves Curling?

The Money Plant, Pilea peperomioides, is an elegant houseplant known for its oval leaves that resemble green coins. While these plants can be easily maintained and cared for, sometimes health issues arise which cause their leaves to curl backwards. Whether this be due to nutritional imbalance, water shortage, or environmental stress; this article can assist in diagnosing and remedying such problems so your plant can thrive.

Money plant leaves often curl due to lack of adequate light. Money plants require bright indirect sunlight for growth; direct sunlight can scorch its leaves and scorch edges prematurely. To avoid this scenario, place the plant somewhere that receives sunlight 6-8 hours each day away from drafty windows and doors.

If your money plant is not receiving enough light, try moving or adding a grow lamp for additional illumination. This can help avoid its leaves curling up and allow it to reach taller.

Curling leaves could also be caused by overwatering or underwatering your money plant, as both conditions can have detrimental effects. Overwatering can rot the roots while underwatering dehydrates it further; when this happens, plants attempt to store what water they do have by curling their leaves up tighter so as to decrease surface area and limit transpiration loss.

If you want to avoid overwatering your money plant, only water it when its soil feels dry to the touch. A simple way to do this is to take off its decorative moss and insert your finger two inches deep into its soil; if it feels dry then immediately water! Or use a timed bottle with regular irrigation.

Your best defense against underwatering lies in choosing a soil mix that both retains water well while providing adequate drainage and air circulation. A mixture of coarse sand, peat moss, coconut coir with perlite or coconut fiber are good examples; additionally it’s wise to select a container proportional to the plant with adequate drainage holes for drainage purposes and consider watering with filtered or distilled water instead of municipal pipeline water, which contains chlorine and fluorine that could inhibit nutrient absorption.

Pests can be an enormously detrimental threat to a money plant if left unchecked, especially when not treated immediately. Fungus and bacteria produced by these pests can sap its nutrients from your money plant’s leaves, leading to them curling up or even dying altogether. To guard your money plant against such threats, try protecting it with Neem Oil from its effects.

As part of your care regimen, feed your money plant once per month during summer and early fall with general houseplant fertilizer to promote root health. Avoid doing this during dormancy periods like winter as that increases its susceptibility to root damage. Also repot your money plant annually so it gets more root space for healthy growth – all these steps will help your money plant recover from curled leaves more quickly!

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