White Wall Cleaner

White walls may show every mark and stain, yet they can still be cleaned easily with other paint colors. A little water should do the trick for minor messes; for tougher stains however, mild cleaners like baking soda and vinegar or all-purpose cleaners like soft sponges may be required; or try using a scrub brush or Magic Eraser Melamine Sponge instead for tough smudges and grime buildup.

Our white wall cleaner stands apart from commercial tire cleaners in that it uses mild abrasives instead of acids and harsh chemicals to thoroughly clean whitewall tires without harming them. It effectively eliminates grease stains, scuff marks, road grime and dirt for fresh-looking whitewall tires – an indispensable component in any car detailer’s kit! This product should be included as part of any car detailing kit!

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