White Wall Cleaner From Stinger Chemicals

White wall cleaner is an essential product for car care professionals working on vehicles with whitewall tires. While standard blackwall tires may be easier to keep clean than their white counterparts, their white counterparts require special care in order to remain spotlessly white and yellow-free. There are various effective methods available to remove smudges and stains from white wall tires quickly, such as using all-purpose cleaning solutions or baking soda as household solutions or Magic Eraser Melamine Sponge –just remember to test on an inconspicuous area before applying over all walls!

Harsh acids, ammonia-based chemicals and solvents commonly found in commercial tire cleaning products can be corrosive to rubber. Over time this can cause sidewalls of white wall tires to dry out and crack prematurely; leaving an unsightly discolored spot.

Stinger Chemicals’ safe, non-toxic and highly effective white wall cleaner provides a solution by effectively clearing away road grime, brake dust, oil slicks, dirt and other debris in one step – leaving behind beautiful white walls of any tire that are clean, beautiful and shining bright! Specially formulated for use on wheel and tire white wall surfaces of any vehicle while highly concentrated for convenient application and high performance results.

This fast-acting whitewall cleaner was specifically developed to work quickly, so you can apply and rinse off before the tire reinflated – giving it back to its customer in perfect condition and helping your profits. Simply apply to a Whitewall Scuff Strip in a back-and-forth motion before wiping excess off with microfiber towel before applying protective rubber protectant for long term results.

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