What is Purple Blue?

Purplish blue is a shade of blue containing subtle touches of purple, similar to lavender and violet in its hue. Often found in floral arrangements as it complements their colors beautifully; many homeowners also find its soothing effects relaxing; it makes an excellent addition to office spaces by aiding concentration and focus. Purplish blue offers great solutions when seeking soothing colors for homes or offices alike!

What Is the Difference between Purple and Purple Blue? Purple and purple blue may sound similar, yet have very distinct meanings. In most parts of the world, “purple” refers to dark violet color; in the US however, “purple” refers to any shade between blue and red on the spectral scale; some areas refer to this shade of purple as “Tyrian Purple”, as this tone was historically associated with royalty and wealth during ancient Rome and Greece civilizations.

Historically, blue-purple colors like navy blue were considered formal as they were produced using costly ultramarine dye. It represented prestige and authority due to the difficulty associated with producing large amounts of the dye; smaller royal houses looking for ways to save money could make a cheaper version by mixing Tyrian purple with cheaper indigo and creating cheaper versions known as violet blue and periwinkle which became common floral colors.

Mixing paint requires adding red or blue, the proportion of which can determine both its hue and intensity of purple hues. Gray can also be added for tints or shades.

To create the color purplish blue, combine 35% Cyan, 51% Magenta, 2% Black and 12% White. This hue resembles purple ink perfectly for writing or drawing and also looks striking when used in logos or posters.

Blue-purple is an easy color to pair with other hues. It works especially well when combined with warm tones like white, yellow and other warm tones such as yellow. Gray, brown and black also work nicely, adding metallic silver details can bring added dimension.

As an appealing mix of blue and red tones, purplish blue is a color that inspires creativity, concentration, adventure and mystery – making it ideal for modern room designs that seek balance between relaxation and dynamism. Popular among digital nomads who need an effective workspace while simultaneously creating sophisticated looks in bedrooms or living areas – as well as businesses seeking to project an air of stability and trustworthiness.

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