Wallpaper in the Dining Room

Wallpaper has come back into fashion thanks to an ever-expanding variety of designs and color options, adding visual interest and warmth to rooms of any type. While traditionally utilized to add style to bedrooms or living rooms, wallpaper also works beautifully as an accent wall material in dining rooms that feature neutral tones with more controlled patterns – providing ample opportunity for striking paper designs to take center stage!

If you’re ready for a challenge, opt for bold floral or geometric prints with high contrast designs to draw the eye and add visual interest. Just ensure the furniture and accessories remain more subdued so as not to overwhelm the room with too much visual stimulation.

Alternately, for something with more subtle textures and natural aesthetics. Cole & Son’s brown and cream chevron wallpaper is an elegant solution that works well with other dining room colors and textures such as wood or stone.

An effective way to add depth and dimension to your dining room is through wallpaper panels. These pieces work especially well in smaller spaces as they draw the eye up toward the ceiling while providing ample wall space to display artwork or other decorative pieces.

For an elegant wallpaper look, consider classic damask prints. Floral wallpaper has also experienced a significant revival lately and makes an excellent statement in the dining room. Large-scale and repeat patterns are easy to find to fit perfectly into the space.

Colorful wallpaper adds personality and charm to the dining room, and is particularly well suited to family settings. For example, chalkboard wallpaper can serve as an easy and visually striking family calendar or meal planning board; its flexibility also gives kids something creative to work on when they get bored with food!

When selecting the colors for your dining room, try starting with neutral hues as your main wallpaper pattern and then layering on metallics or more vibrant hues for accent. A light blue or green tone provides the ideal canvas against which your table linens and flatware can shine through.

Rather than going all in on full dining room wallpaper, try hanging some framed paper pieces instead. You could always add more later!

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