Wallpaper in the Dining Room Can Elevate Any Space

No matter the style or look you desire for your dining room wallpaper, adding it can completely transform any space. When considering designers and styles for wallpaper designs in the dining room, first decide the kind of look you wish to achieve; once that decision has been made, take into consideration what colors match up well with other parts of your home, as well as which patterns would best compliment furniture pieces in order to avoid confusion between floral and geometric wallpaper designs which might look out-of-place in this particular area of your home.

Nature provides the ideal source of neutral decor inspiration with botanical or tropical wallpaper designs, offering both energy and relaxation in equal measures while conjuring images of tropical paradise. 2LG Studio created this standout wallpaper design in their small eat-in kitchen design; their digital collage of torn paper stretches from floor to ceiling, adding texture and pattern throughout.

Textured wallpapers can create an elegant yet subtle atmosphere in any space. Textures can be enhanced further with vibrant hues – for instance, this Verbena dining room wallpaper mural utilizes whites, greys and blacks to portray intricate flowers in a whimsical fantasy forest setting.

When selecting textured wallpaper for your dining area, choose light-colored designs that reflect natural lighting. Darker patterned wallpaper can absorb light and make the room seem smaller – particularly useful if your dining room doesn’t feature many windows or is located underground.

If you’re feeling intimidated by too much pattern in the dining room, try just adding it on one wall. That way you’ll achieve your desired aesthetic without overpowering your guests during meal time. Designer Tobi Schmidt used this navy ombre x-base table from CB2 as part of her client’s dining room to match Rebecca Atwood wallpaper’s stripes in perfect harmony.

Geometric wallpaper can create a dynamic statement in any dining room, depending on its scale and placement. Mydavidwillsonhome’s modern geometric wallpaper can maximize its effect when placed in an area with ample natural lighting – try this modern geometric design for example in an area with ample sunlight!

Floral wallpapers are an elegant way to bring serenity and beauty into the dining room, creating an instantly soothing ambiance. 2LG Studio’s whimsical fern wallpaper makes a striking focal point as its flowers appear suspended in fog, creating an unforgettable image for your dinner guests to admire.

For a modern and contemporary aesthetic, geometric wallpaper in neutral tones may be the best choice for dining room walls. That way, their design won’t clash with other elements in your dining space, such as chair shapes and fabrics or cabinet finishes. Neutral colors like beige, cream or gray also complement natural wood furniture beautifully and add an earthy tone that adds softness and dimension.

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