Wall-To-Wall Carpet Trends 2023

Upgrading your carpet can add style and comfort to any room in your home while increasing resale value and creating an environment you are proud to show friends and family. From DIY projects to complete renovation, selecting the appropriate carpet will make an enormous difference in both time and cost savings.

Wall-to-wall carpet trends 2023 offer you everything from bold colours to natural textures for creating stylish yet inviting environments.

Neutral carpets have always been popular choices, but this year there has been an increased push towards colour. Bold carpets offer an effective way to inject color without it becoming overwhelming; you can use it on stairs, bedrooms and living rooms alike without being overwhelming. For added ease of use choose neutral shades that complement rather than match your walls exactly

Patterned carpets have become an increasingly popular trend this year. Reminiscent of carpets from years gone by, patterns offer a great alternative to plain or textured styles and really stand out against walls. Particularly useful in smaller spaces where busy wallpaper may overwhelm, quirky prints on carpets with fun patterns can really liven up spaces with ease – from Bridget Riley-esque stripes to interlocking geometric shapes, these carpets can serve as the starting point for overall room designs while allowing you to tone down other decorative details.

Contrasting the bolder hues seen recently, earth tones are making a comeback in carpeting this year. These warm tones nod towards biophilic design which brings nature indoors for maximum relaxation. These earth tones also make an excellent choice for bedrooms where people are trying to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Good news – gray and beige classic carpet color trends remain relevant today, making a striking combination with wood furniture, white walls or soft gray walls.

One effective strategy for using wall-to-wall carpet is layering an area rug over it to give the impression that it runs all the way to the floor, covering any worn spots while creating the allusion that it does so seamlessly. You could even try layering two rugs atop each other for added depth of illusion that this rug stretches across an entire room!

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