Wall-To-Wall Carpet Trends 2023

Wall-to-wall carpeting was once an essential element in American homes, revered for its insulating properties and ability to absorb sound. While popularity for wall-to-wall carpeting had faded since its peak in the 1990s, its return has brought with it some innovative solutions that make the material stand out among competitors.

Carpeting no longer needs to be limited to neutral hues or simple textures; in fact, many designers are opting for bold hues and patterns that make it the focus of the space. From full-on patterns to different shades; these carpet trends 2023 add cozy glamour to any room!

No matter your aesthetic preferences, this trend has become an unmistakable trend in 2017. A subtler take on the popular ’90s style, this look works especially well in bedrooms or TV rooms where relaxing is key. Plush and textured carpeting has retro charm which pairs nicely with more glam finishes found throughout a space.

Color matching carpeting has become an increasingly popular trend, creating a seamless effect in smaller rooms by visually expanding space visually and blurring lines between floor and wall, creating a more cohesive design. Furthermore, this trend works particularly well when accented with warm and soothing tones that are so popular today in decor.

As for textures, many homeowners are turning to patterned carpets as a way to add visual interest and make a statement in their spaces. Opting for wider stripes can add even more impact while narrower ones add subtler accents.

Not content with just weaving and tufting patterns, some homeowners are adding an original touch to their carpet installation by leaving a small gap around the edges of each room when installing carpet. This makes adding borders or trim easier while looking fantastic with geometric options that have become increasingly popular.

Carpets don’t just serve as underlay for other forms of floors – they also add their own distinctive style! Leveraging this trend to make sure that you get maximum bang for your buck and create something truly one-of-a-kind for your home! For more information, contact a local carpet retailer who can walk you through different options to find your ideal floor – they may even offer samples so you can experience its colors and styles first-hand! With expert help behind you, your new floor will surely become something you love!

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