Wall-To-Wall Carpet Trends 2023

Wall-to-wall carpet is making a comeback as a fashion statement and noise absorber, not to mention being easy and affordable way of adding warmth. Notably, today it no longer needs to be gray or beige; bold colors such as burgundy or orange can add a punch of style that nods towards grandmillennial and grandpa chic while maintaining cozy aesthetic.

Carpet can be an eco-friendly choice, in addition to being an eye-catching design element, for many homeowners. It keeps warm and cool air from escaping while cushioning against falls – providing safety for both children and seniors at risk of slips or falls. Furthermore, its price is far less than hardwood floors if you select high quality wool carpet with durable nylon backing.

If you love the organic look of natural fiber rugs in your living rooms, take it one step further by installing sisal carpet on all walls – it will tie your space together beautifully while still adding some flair with decorative pillows or throws for additional personality.

By adding patterns to your carpet, 2023 trends suggest an elegant style statement can be created. New designs that come to market have more of an art piece vibe and can pull together an entire room; think interlocking patterns, Bridget Riley-esque stripes or eye-catching abstract graphics for added style points.

Carpet designers are pushing the limits with carpet color choices, often breaking with past trends by selecting vibrant hues for carpets. While previous trends were muted and neutral, there has been an upsurge in interest for bold hues such as orange or burgundy in bedrooms or spicy chilli or deep berry in kitchens. These rich shades add a pop of colour that adds dimension and warmth to any space – just take note!

Carpeting trends in bedrooms have seen an upsurge of earth tones as part of the biophilic movement, which seeks to bring nature indoors. While earth tones provide a welcome respite from harsher shades seen before, earthy hues also fit perfectly into this trend, making a statement of nature-infused decor.

Neutrals can make a subtle yet powerful design statement in any room, particularly modern living or dining areas with lots of hard surface flooring, like carpet. A neutral palette allows you to easily coordinate with other floor treatments and furniture pieces while adding warmth and inviting ambience.

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