Using Pool Step Weights to Secure Your Pool Steps

Swimming pool owners frequently opt for the use of stairs over ladders as an entry and exit method for their pools, since steps provide a gradual descent into the water as opposed to climbing on and off of ladders which often involves an abrupt climb up or down. Furthermore, steps tend to look better than ladders and add an aesthetic element to any design scheme surrounding your pool patio – however if they are not firmly anchored they could float back up into the surface posing a trip hazard to swimmers as well as anyone standing nearby on or walking near it!

Few measures are required to quickly address this problem. There are various solutions designed specifically for this task that should work perfectly well, including weights with special bungee cords that fit around stairposts and step rings at the bottom of steps; or you could fill sand bags three-quarters full – provided they’re waterproof to avoid leakage into water bodies.

Your local pool store or online provider should have these products, but if none are available you can make your own pool ladder weights using any waterproof container with a screw top that can hold sand – for instance empty two-liter plastic soda bottles can be filled with sand before being tied onto the bottom of pool steps for use as weights. Just be sure to change them at least every month due to chemicals in water as these could eventually weaken over time and break them.

Purchase pool step anchors that attach directly to the wall of your pool and the base of your ladder as an alternative solution; these anchors offer increased safety but may prove more expensive and will need to be reinstalled every time your ladder is removed from service for winter storage.

Some newer pool steps offer the ability to weight them down using sand, with instructions providing details about how and where you should add it. Be careful only adding the amount suggested by the manufacturer as excess sand may cause the steps to move or fall over, making them harder for users to use. When completed, be sure that all holes have been completely sealed off when completed.

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