Using a Curtain Size Calculator

Curtain sizes play a vital role in both the aesthetics and functionality of your home. A properly measured curtain size ensures full coverage of your windows, blocking cold drafts while welcoming warming sunlight, providing insulation and light control, as well as contributing to room design aesthetics and architectural balance. When selecting curtain width, take several factors into account including your window space size and desired puddle effect effect.

As a general guideline, curtains should typically measure 2 to 2.5 times wider than your window frame width, depending on how long and style of curtains you prefer. A curtain size calculator is a useful tool in helping determine exactly what width of fabric will be necessary for your project.

Our curtain size calculator takes all of the guesswork out of measuring and calculating. Simply enter your window measurements, and our calculator will tell you how many curtains and panels will fit; as well as their final width. Choose whether to calculate for one curtain or pair. Furthermore, customize header styles and levels of fullness; more fullness will result in draped looks while less fullness creates tailored ones.

Utilizing our curtain size calculator is simple and fast. Just enter the dimensions of your window, choose the header style and desired level of fullness before pressing “calculate”. After this is done, the calculator will do all the heavy lifting; after it calculates your curtain’s dimensions you can determine whether you need to purchase rods to complete your project or sew them yourself.

After you have selected the size and material for your curtain, the next step should be determining how high you would like them to hang. Some prefer them to rest against the floor while others may prefer having them higher up so they can be pulled back for an open and airy effect. If hanging higher is your choice, be sure to add an extra inch for the hem when hanging your curtains higher.

Once you have decided upon the width and height of your curtains, the next step should be assembly. If assembling them yourself, add an inch or two for a completed hem before calculating how wide you want your fully open curtain panels to be before calculating how many panels will be needed; otherwise purchase curtains from an established company that already have this information available to them.

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