U Pick Strawberry Farms Near Me

Strawberry picking is an enjoyable summer activity for both kids and adults, providing an opportunity to discover where food comes from while getting some exercise on a farm. For optimal results, pick strawberries at their source – local farms offer many!

Peak strawberry season usually occurs during the first three weeks of June; this will vary according to weather conditions. To ensure you obtain optimal quality berries, it is best to pick them at their peak of sweetness and redness. It is also crucial that you know how to differentiate ripe from unripe berries; firm and bright red ripe ones with pleasant fragrance are an indicator of maturity; picking moldy ones could spread mold throughout your batch of harvest berries.

For best results when it comes to protecting strawberries from mold and fungus, be sure to keep them cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. Be sure to store them in an airtight paper bag or plastic container to reduce leakage, and ideally refrigerate your harvest until ready for consumption. When purchasing pre-picked berries from stores, check their date label – purchasing older varieties could lead to mold growth as well.

If you plan on visiting a u pick strawberry farm, it is advisable to wear close-toed shoes and bring a hat. As you will be walking amongst fields of crops and potentially encountering dirt on your feet, bring water bottle as hydration is vital for keeping children active for hours on end and snack/drink packs may come in handy as kids work up an appetite/thrist! Additionally, bug spray may come in handy in case there are mosquitoes or other insects present – also bringing snacks/drink packs can come in handy too if needed!

Some u-pick strawberry farms require you to purchase tickets or book an appointment for harvesting, which should be available on their website or social media pages. This will save time from making an unnecessary trip out there only to discover that they’re closed!

If you are seeking organic strawberries, there is a family-owned U-pick strawberry farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains that uses sustainable farming practices and sells all their produce locally. They offer nine varieties of berries including organic varieties known for their sweet and flavorful varieties; sold per pound. Children can play in their 12-acre farm play area while feeding animals like baby bunnies, sheep and goats! Guests can also grab lunch at either Roosteraunt Concession Stand, Knead It Bakery or Henway Hard Cider for refreshments. Be sure to follow their Facebook page for updates regarding strawberry picking! Located just off Ortega Hwy

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