Top Carpet Styles for 2023

Carpet can add the perfect pop of style or create the illusion of more space to any living spaces, with its range of styles, colors and textures offering something suitable for every aesthetic. To help you find what works for you in 2023 we’ve rounded up some of the latest carpet trends here.

From soothing earth tones and subtle patterns to luxurious pieces, there are carpet options this year for every taste and every budget. For a minimalist approach, neutral colors such as beiges or grays or textures such as swiss cross or striations could work nicely; adding interest is best achieved through carpets with patterns like vintage floral designs or classic medallion designs that will remain fashionable over time.

With an emphasis on sustainability and eco-conscious living, designers are turning more often towards carpets made of renewable or recycled materials like natural fibers such as jute, sisal and seagrass for their durability and organic style. Furthermore, rugs made of these long-term materials are easy to keep clean without emitting volatile organic compounds into the air that could potentially harm our health.

Bold colors and prints have long been a top trend in carpeting, but this year we’re seeing more subdued hues such as warm neutrals, earth tones and pastel tints making a comeback in carpet trends. These neutral tones create an ideal environment for relaxing environments as they complement any furniture style readily available.

If you love bold carpet designs, striped designs won’t go anywhere in 2023. From wide and varying stripes to thin and uniform ones, striped designs offer stylish foundations for rooms.

As part of the natural theme, earthy-toned carpets are an increasingly popular trend this year. From Signature Wools’ Coco to Henny with its dual tones and warm hues, earthy carpets bring both warmth and elegance into any space they grace.

Carpet may traditionally be thought of as floor covering, but designers are expanding its purpose as works of art for walls. This look works particularly well in spacious rooms to add an air of luxury and sophistication – particularly with antique-inspired pieces or traditional furniture with modern silhouettes. If you are not quite ready for this bold statement piece, consider opting for an eye-catching small rug instead showcasing your favourite pattern!

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