Top 5 U Pick Strawberry Farms Near Me

Strawberry picking can be a rewarding and educational activity for families that can teach children where their food comes from. Many farms also provide additional activities, including farm animals, hayrides, corn mazes and more!

Lewin Farms is one of the best places near me for strawberry picking, open from late May through early June for picking. Additionally, this family-owned farm also provides blueberries, blackberries, beans, squash and flowers that can all be picked.

Yawney Farms in Auburn, New York offers another ideal spot for strawberry picking: this small farm offers both U-pick and pre-picked options for their fruit. They feature an attractive gift shop selling various items; there’s also a country cafe and farmers market where a large variety of fruit and produce such as apples, pears, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries blackberries tomatoes cucumbers are available for sale – you won’t find anywhere else like Yawney Farms!

Ort Farms was opened as a family-owned and operated farm in 1982 and offers an abundance of fruits and vegetables for picking. Spanning over 400 acres, they feature activities for children such as corn mazes, monster truck rides, cow train rides, apple cannons and sunflower trails for them to enjoy as well as their four acres of strawberry fields that they sell by the pound!

This family-owned and operated U-pick strawberry farm provides visitors with a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables for picking, including tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, bread cakes, pastries and much more.

This farm is a favorite among visitors looking for fresh local produce, including delicious seasonal berries. Their selection is widely known and sold per pound at very competitive rates – making the farm accessible and budget friendly!

Strawberry picking is an enjoyable summer activity, but it is essential to remember you’re working in an open field that could be muddy or slippery and have natural obstacles like holes, rocks, uneven ground, branches with thorns or vines, weeds or irrigation pipes/hoses/hydrants/trellis in them – which means wearing proper footwear when working there with children can be crucial.

Most U-pick strawberry farms provide containers for you to use at no additional charge; however, others may charge. It is wise to call the farm you plan on visiting ahead of time in order to ascertain their container policy; you may also bring your own containers like plastic dishpans and metal oven pans with 3-inch tall sides as long as you do not overfill them – overdoing so could result in bruised berries becoming unusable and spoilage! Also bear in mind that they only last a few days at room temperature and few hours when chilled in the refrigerator!

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