The Work Triangle and Your Kitchen Island

The work triangle is an efficient kitchen design principle first proposed in the 1940s. Essentially, this method involves placing your refrigerator, sink and cooktop into an ideal triangle to allow easy movement among all three – minimising traffic by keeping an opening fridge from blocking someone stirring a pot of stew on the stove! When upgrading or reconfiguring an existing layout it’s crucial that all design decisions adhere to this design principle – including adding islands or new sinks.

While the original kitchen triangle rules still hold, today’s homeowners have an array of preferences when it comes to their kitchen layouts. This is especially true in open-plan homes where kitchen islands provide both an area to cook in as well as gathering spots for family and friends. Furthermore, these additional workspaces may provide storage or be utilized as convenient places for appliances like second refrigerators or ovens.

However, according to the work triangle rule, no side of a kitchen island should cut through one of its primary points by more than an inch and no cabinet should come close to any point on the triangle. In order to comply with this rule and remain within it, your island may need to be made more rounded or its corners modified so they do not impede cooking movement.

Curved kitchen islands can help create the ideal work triangle while still leaving the space feeling open and spacious, like this elegant example from Heather Scott Home and Design. A more rounded island may also be beneficial if adding appliances such as microwaves or dishwashers that have wider corners than refrigerators or sinks.

Unother way of breaking the rules of the kitchen triangle is to create an additional workstation dedicated to baking or vegetable prep tasks – like this stunning all-white scullery from Hillside Barn. While such extra space might not be essential, it can add much-needed efficiency.

Though the work triangle rules may seem restrictive, adhering to them as closely as possible is actually wise. Not only will this ensure your kitchen is as functional as possible; but it will make cooking in your house simpler for all levels of experience.

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