The Mary Heaton Vorse House in Provincetown

Mary Heaton Vorse’s Provincetown house where she spent her life and died at age 92 is an informal hub of its history. While in her lifetime it served as a social gathering point filled with friends and admirers of her writing; upon her passing it became a rooming house for visiting artists and intellectuals.

Interior designer Ken Fulk–who lives nearby in a home once belonging to George Bryant from whaling family George Bryant) gladly agreed when Vorse’s former housekeeper approached him with their request to purchase and restore this crumbling residence, located across from him on Vorse’s former land. Fulk has taken great pride in undertaking what he calls “long-term restoration” of this dated late-1800 dwelling with low ceilings and steep stairs dating back to late-18th century; along with team of artisans (especially woodworker Nathaniel McKean), have given its interior an unique yet dignified feel that respects its architectural origins while remaining true to its historical roots.

Fulk is determined to keep the Vorse House an active gathering spot for arts organizations, local artists, scholars and the general public alike. He envisions it becoming an artistic campus with PAAM already inhabiting an adjacent Provincetown Art Association and Museum building as one of its tenants; “we want to build an artistic campus anchored by the Vorse house on this small block.”

Fulk’s goal for the house is also to serve as a resource for local schoolchildren, drawing from scholarship programs supported by Vorse in her journalism and social activism. He is working with Provincetown Historical Society on creating a curriculum to be available there; additionally he has invited graduate students from nearby East Carolina University to conduct research there on maritime history or town history-related topics.

At PAAM’s house of Art & Music (PAAM), it has already become buzzing with activity as a result of these and other initiatives. There is currently an exhibition called Intimate Companions by Salvatore Del Deo that is open to the public; PAAM hosts artist residency programs; performances, film screenings, lectures and fundraisers are scheduled throughout the season; PAAM also plans future residency programs to offer artists studio space at PAAM.

Vorse House events range from free to paid; some require reservations or admission fees that can be found by following these links below. We’re proud that Addison Art Gallery is featured as part of this legendary Provincetown cultural venue; please join us there soon!

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