The Difference Between Indigo Vs Violet Color

Indigo and violet are two colors found within the visible light spectrum that can be used for various applications ranging from clothing to interior design. While people often use them interchangeably, there are distinct distinctions between indigo vs violet shades which may make choosing one for your project easier. Understanding these distinctions will allow you to choose your ideal hue.

Indigo Vs Navy

Indigo may be difficult to distinguish from navy depending on the shade; both dark blues share similar intensity and tone differences; indigo tends towards being closer to blue, while navy has deeper hues. Indigo is often associated with selflessness and faithfulness, making it ideal for logos or branding elements of businesses looking to foster an atmosphere of relaxation for their customers.

Indigo and Violet Are Correlated

Indigo and violet share similar origins as primary colors red and blue, as both colors sit on the spectrum of the rainbow, creating many shades. Their ratio between red to blue determines if a shade falls into indigo or violet territory – indigo tends to be dark blue while violet has more of a purplish-blue tint.

Isaac Newton famously named both indigo and violet when he divided the visible light spectrum with a prism in 1672, due to their difficulty of being distinguished at the ends of the spectrum. These colors share similar tones to purple but possess warmer tones; both hues are variations on blue with warmer undertones than their purple counterpart. Indigo can often be found used by fashion brands for its sophisticated and stylish appearance while violet is often chosen in restaurants and hotels to convey luxury and extravagance.

Violet is a soft shade of blue that can create a more feminine or delicate aesthetic. It makes an excellent accent color, pairing well with many shades. Violet clothing looks particularly great against black or white outfits and often features floral prints for an appealing romantic or feminine aesthetic.

Indigo and violet are popular clothing colors, and can be mixed together to produce different shades of blue. While similar in appearance, indigo and violet differ significantly from purple; understanding these differences will allow you to select the shade best suited for your project or brand. With careful consideration, selecting the correct hue allows you to craft stunning and distinctive designs that stand out from competition! Check out our collection of indigo and violet designs for some inspiration!

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