The Best Coffee Maker With No Plastic

An eco-friendly coffee maker is a fantastic way to enjoy your beverage of choice while protecting the planet. These machines utilize stainless steel or glass brewing elements instead of plastic pods or filters – yet you still must buy beans and paper filters separately, although switching won’t cause chemicals leaching into your cup of joe.

While many believe non toxic coffee makers can provide just as satisfying an experience, most are made from subpar materials and may contain harmful BPA. Some also feature high water temperatures which cause oxidation to take place and leave an unappetizing metallic taste in the cup. A high quality drip machine with metal and glass parts would be the optimal choice, though other alternatives are available as well.

Ninja’s plastic free drip coffee brewer stands out as one of the top models on the market thanks to its aroma seal that keeps your beans fresh for longer. Easy to use with an ample reservoir and water hardness test strip for measuring hardness of water supplies ensuring great tasting coffee drinks every time. In addition, this model comes equipped with a manual frother so you can add texture into latte or cappuccino beverages!

Ratio Eight French Press Coffeemaker offers another nontoxic coffee making solution with its all stainless steel body and limited plastic parts – only its strainer rim and small plunger nut are made of plastic; even its lid has been specially coated to be stain-proof! Ultimately this machine contains very minimal amounts of plastic parts.

The Ratio Eight may cost slightly more than other options, yet is still less costly than a Keurig. With its beautiful design and easy cleaning process, making this investment worth your while. Plus, stainless steel’s anti-rust properties won’t taint your cup of joe. Plus it comes equipped with a handle to easily lift out its filter for pouring!

Cold brew coffee enthusiasts will appreciate this coffee maker that doesn’t use plastic. Easy to use and without electricity needs, this machine produces delicious cold brew that can be enjoyed alone or with some added cream!

This coffee maker is constructed out of glass and stainless steel, featuring a ceramic burr grinder and stainless steel basket for brewing. Although more costly than its predecessor, this one has larger capacity and more durability – not to mention an easy direct plumbing water line which ensures you never need to refill its reservoir! Perfect for home or office, its manufacturer is certified B Corp supporting charitable initiatives – you’ll feel good knowing your purchase makes a positive impactful statement about you as an individual!

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