Stevie Nicks Performs Last Show Of The 20th Century In Buffalo NY

Stevie Nicks returned to her native Buffalo, New York on December 31, 2017 to perform the last show of the 20th Century before embarking on her 21st. KeyBank Center was packed to capacity with eager fans eager to witness this legendary set; and as per usual she did not disappoint!

Over 17 songs, she delighted the audience with tales of her friendship with Tom Petty, cleaning houses to make ends meet, becoming part of Fleetwood Mac, and how she kept money and fame from going to her head. Additionally, she honored deceased collaborators Tom and Christine McVie by introducing their songs with her band; including pictures of them on a large screen during “Runnin’ Down A Dream”. Finally she gave shout-outs to vocal coach Steve Real and guitarist Waddy Wachtel – as well as giving shout-outs!

Evidently, she won over the crowd as they showed their appreciation with standing ovations throughout the evening. Fans dressed in shawls, lace, leather and other gypsy-esque clothing created a truly unique show experience while others donned beautiful “2000” hats, horns and other New Years paraphenalia which added excitement to this unforgettable evening performance.

As the show continued, Stevie seemed more at home on stage as she settled into her groove and began singing and dancing more freely. She swayed, clapped and twirled while performing her famous hits such as “Gold Dust Woman” and “Rhiannon”. Her voice remained powerful yet ethereal while she even allowed some fans to touch her skirt during performances!

At the conclusion of her show, Stevie brought back her beloved band for an enchanting rendition of “Stand Back”, with an orchestra accompaniment, that left an impactful and memorable performance. Following this performance, she returned for two encores where she gifted lots of gifts to audience members while meeting and greeting fans from all corners of the stage.

Stevie Nicks has truly mastered the art of performing live concerts. Her band are exceptionally talented and she can hold her own among anyone in the music industry – no wonder she has seen such longstanding success! We wish that she continues on this path soon and hope we get another opportunity to see this rock legend again soon – thank you Stevie for an unforgettable night!

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