Shiplap Wall Bedroom – 5 Bedroom Shiplap Ideas

Shiplap wall bedroom has become one of the top interior design trends of recent years, providing an easy and cost-effective way to add texture and visual interest into any room. Installed either completely or partially wall, wood paneling allows homeowners to achieve many aesthetics from coastal and farmhouse to contemporary and modern styles. These bedroom shiplap ideas will inspire you to take this popular style further and personalize it to fit into your own design plans.

Shiplap is often associated with farmhouse and rustic decor, but its subtle horizontal lines of wood can easily compliment other interior styles as well. In this bedroom, a painted white shiplap accent wall adds character and depth to a contemporary farmhouse-inspired master suite – as its neutral hue coordinates well with dark wood headboard and textured rattan table lamp.

For an eye-catching effect, use reclaimed or weathered shiplap boards with distress marks for added character and texture. Experiment with different patterns like herringbone or chevron designs to achieve unique designs – try mixing neutral tones for an earthy aesthetic, or go bold by opting for vibrant hues for an unexpected and striking finish!

Shiplap walls make an attractive accent piece. Their natural, unadorned surface is ideal for creating photo galleries – as seen here by Danielle Lea @candlewoodcottage in her bedroom featuring both framed and unframed photos with landscapes or flowers as the main theme, for an eclectic yet cohesive appearance.

To add shiplap accents in your bedroom, first prepare the wall surface by removing existing wallpaper or paint and making sure it is smooth and clean. Apply a coat of primer as a smooth base and prevent moisture damage during installation. Once that step has been taken care of, measure out and cut shiplap planks to size before measuring out space for them and cutting shiplap planks to size based on how wide or tall your bedroom is and any existing furniture – placing boards vertically will create wider rooms while placing horizontally adds height!

Shiplap can be installed seamlessly into a bedroom without disturbing its existing structure, making it an excellent choice for rooms with slanted ceilings. In this bedroom, shiplap is installed from wall to ceiling for added depth and heightening the appearance of this small space; further accentuating this height are its matching tufted bed and rattan accent chair.

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