Shiplap Bedroom Ideas

Shiplap can transform your bedroom from generic retreat into cozy farmhouse oasis or coastal getaway when used correctly. From its natural wood finish for rustic appeal to being painted to enhance any design scheme, shiplap adds texture and warmth that make the space both elegant and calming.

Shiplap walls make an excellent backdrop for soft textures like velvet or linen fringed pillows and drapes, and its neutral tone blends in easily with nearly all paint or stain colors. Shiplap is also an effective solution to cover eyesores such as bad paint jobs or hard-to-remove wallpaper (though I wouldn’t advise using it to cover up structural damage).

Though horizontal shiplap wall designs may be the norm, don’t be intimidated to experiment with vertical or diagonal placements of shiplap panels. A diagonal wall can draw the eye upward to give an optical illusion of height while a vertical design gives your bedroom an updated and modern feel.

Before installing your shiplap boards in either direction, make sure that the wall has been thoroughly prepared by prepping it in both directions. This will ensure a smooth surface suitable for painting or staining and reduce moisture damage risk over time.

Once your walls have been prepared and primed, it’s time to install shiplap boards. Use a level to ensure that your wall is level before nailing it down; and be sure to leave an expansion/contraction gap between boards so as to allow for expansion/contraction of each board as necessary.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to an entire shiplap wall, start small by creating an accent wall. Install shiplap wainscoting or paneling around your headboard or built-in bookshelf to instantly add texture and interest. This idea works especially well in teenage bedrooms as a stylish backdrop for their artwork or collection of hobby supplies.

One creative shiplap bedroom idea is to line a nook with the material like Instagram user @ahousewithbooks did here. This creates an extra special reading nook or transforms part of a larger room into an effective work zone in a home office or studio space.

Though white shiplap remains the go-to choice, don’t be intimidated to experiment with darker stain colors too. As Table and Hearth’s moody nautical bedroom demonstrates, darker stain colors can look just as striking when styled correctly with furniture and accessories that match.

If you want the look of shiplap without all of its associated labor, try creating a herringbone pattern using peel-and-stick wallpaper instead. This easy DIY solution can turn any room into a bedroom without all of its labor-intensive process involved with installing real shiplap panels.

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