Shiplap Bedroom – A Stylish Way to Add Farmhouse Flair to Your Decor

Shiplap bedroom walls offer an inviting farmhouse aesthetic to your home, whether used on one accent wall or throughout. Their warm texture instantly warms up any room while their timeless material works beautifully in both traditional and contemporary decor styles – even being combined with other design elements for a truly individual style!

Here are our favorite ways to incorporate shiplap into the bedroom.

Shiplap headboards make an eye-catching focal point in any bedroom, drawing immediate attention and providing contrast against the rest of the furnishings in the space. A shiplap headboard can also be easily customized using fabric from your favorite fabrics to give each bedroom its own distinctive aesthetic. A shiplap headboard DIY project makes the process quick and straightforward!

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to full shiplap wall coverage, adding an accent of shiplap as an accent behind your bed may be just the solution you need to instantly elevate your bedroom style. This DIY project takes only minutes and can transform it instantly – choose a color to complement or contrast with existing decor for added visual impact!

Navy blue shiplap walls add an eye-catching element to this master bedroom. Their coastal-inspired hue ties in perfectly with light bedding and the pattern rug; plus it complements well with brass light fixtures and rustic decorative accents used throughout.

Shiplap can add an elegant farmhouse style to the bedroom in many different ways, one being adding it to closet doors. This project can be completed quickly in just hours using minimal tools – just be sure to measure and plan beforehand so the boards fit properly!

Shiplap ceiling panels are an easy and stylish way to elevate the style of any bedroom. Their texture creates an exquisite backdrop for ceiling-mounted decorations while contributing to creating an intimate ambiance in the room. Plus, this material can either be painted over for a more natural finish.

Dawson Design Group created this stunning bedroom featuring an eye-catching built-in nook adorned with shiplap walls and an eye-catching wooden beam. The rich white hue of the shiplap provides a versatile neutral backdrop that works well when pairing decorative items such as plush upholstered headboards and warm metallic touches into decor pieces like this nook.

For a contemporary aesthetic, paint your shiplap in colors that complement the trim or door frames in the room for an instantaneous cohesiveness that’s sure to dazzle guests. This will ensure an impressive first impression!

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