Shade For Your Balcony

Balconies provide the ideal spot for outdoor enjoyment and relaxation, yet direct sunlight can make the space unbearably hot in summertime. Luckily, there are numerous shade solutions that can keep your balcony cool and comfortable all summer without limiting views or outdoor space; umbrellas to shade cloth and canopy designs provide cool relief without compromising views or outdoor space. Here are a few ideas we love to create the ideal ambiance on any balcony:

If your balcony features a paved surface, one of the simplest ways to provide shade is with an outdoor umbrella. From models that cover an entire seating area down to smaller models perfect for placing in front of individual chairs – be sure to select an umbrella sturdy enough to withstand average winds – remembering to fold it up when bad weather threatens.

Another excellent way to add shade on your balcony is through planting trees or shrubs. Just be sure to choose species that thrive in your climate and aspect; fast-growing species like ficus or banana trees will provide quick relief, while longer-term solutions such as devil’s ivy or bamboo may offer long-term relief from sun.

Installing a balcony awning or canopy for more permanent solutions may be the answer. There is a wide selection of sizes and styles, with canopies featuring various colors and patterns to choose from. Many can easily attach to railings while integrated lighting allows these structures to function without much fuss; intelligent sun/wind sensors even let shades automatically open or close depending on weather conditions.

If rustic is more your style, a traditional wooden pergola or trellis may be just what’s needed to bring out its true character. Easy to put up and decorate with vines and climbing plants for an eye-catching green backdrop that offers both shade and privacy, these structures make an excellent addition.

Make sure that before proceeding with any shade option for your balcony, consult with your landlord first. Many lease agreements contain strict guidelines about modifications made to balconies – be sure you’re complying before beginning. Our team of professionals would also be more than happy to help – feel free to reach out if any questions arise!

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