Shade For Balcony Ideas

When the sun hits too directly on your balcony, it can make enjoying outdoor spaces difficult. By adding shade, however, you can take greater advantage of using your balcony while protecting against harmful UV rays. From quick and easy temporary solutions to more permanent built-in options – these shade for balcony ideas will have you relaxing in style in no time.

One simple way to add shade on a balcony railing is hanging a drape or canopy from it; using something such as bedsheet, throw, tablecloth or even more decorative such as morning glories or ivy vines will do.

Roller shades provide just the amount of shade needed to dine al fresco or relax outside. Not only are they fantastic at reducing glare, but they come in an assortment of colors to match patio furniture or balcony decor perfectly; you can even purchase artistically designed roller shades that add style without compromising functionality.

Awnings are more permanent solutions that can be installed directly onto a wall or ceiling. Available in an assortment of colors and materials to fit with the aesthetic of any balcony design, awnings can be made of fabric, vinyl, or woven wood and come complete with sun sensors, timers, remote controls, etc. for manual or motorized operation.

For a sleeker aesthetic, consider a fixed awning with track. This design works particularly well in windy regions as it keeps fabric from flapping in the breeze. Wall or ceiling mounting options are available with features like guide wired straight drop or track suspension that limit fabric movement.

Retractable awnings provide an elegant modern touch – they’re easy to install, come in different sizes and styles and even feature built-in lighting for an impressive finishing touch!

Installing a pergola on the balcony is another permanent awning option to consider, offering private seating with plenty of lighting options and customizable size that fits seamlessly onto any balcony space. There are numerous pergola designs to choose from that you can tailor specifically to fit your balcony’s size and needs.

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