Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change

Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change

A Schlage lock is a modern-era invention that can be operated by using smartphones or other mobile devices. They are becoming popular due to their increasing popularity, as they offer a number of features for security over traditional locks. 

Smart locks provide keyless access to doors and other entryways. Smart locks enable users to use them with just a button tap, and via voice commands, to lock or unlock doors. 

When the Smart locks users are away from the property they are thankful for built-in geofencing technology. These locks provide an extra layer of security, which allows users to check if their doors are securely locked from anywhere. 

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Schlage Locks Are Highly Customized 

Schlage locks are highly customizable they can provide insights via activity logs and live updates, and even they alert users when someone opens a door or property. These locks are an ideal choice to make secure entrances to homes, offices, retail locations, vacation rentals and more

Integrated Software And Hardware

Through integrating software and hardware smart lock users can control access to private security through their all properties. It fulfills the modern requirements for the smart lock to enhance it with more customized features like live updates. 

The software of the smart locks is designed to meet the needs of modern requirements to ensure the privacy measures of all those entering. 

Parts Of The Schlage Lock 

Keypad Deadbalt 

  • Schlage Button 
  • Keypad Numbers 
  • Outside Thumbturn 
  • Cylinder 
  • Inside Thumb Turn 
  • Lever 

These Schlage Locks Have Two Types Of Codes 

To observe why schlage lock not working after battery change. You should be aware of that schlage lock is simply managed via six-digit Programming Code and four-digit User Codes. 

Programming Codes

The lock is designed with one unique default Programming Code (Six Numbers). It can be seen on the stickers, one on the front of the User Guide, and one is present on the back of the keypad assembly. Remember these points. 

  • Put your lock in the programming mode. 
  • Don’t unlock the lock 
  • By using factory settings, you can reset the lock, if you forgot the programming code 
  • Currently, in the lock, the first four numbers must be different from all of the Users Code. 

User Codes 

The locks are manufactured with two default User Codes. They also may be found on the stickers, on the front of the user guide, and may be on the back of the keypad assembly. And these user codes’ four number must be different from the very first four programming code numbers. 

Features Of Schlage Lock 

Smart lock features make it more demanding in the modern age you can change your security measures after installing these smart locks. When your schlage lock not working after battery change you should be aware of these features. Here are some amazing features that will help you choose these smart locks for your safety. 

Keyless Entry:

While using a smart lock there is no need to carry a physical key. Instead of that you need a smartphone or other mobile devices to unlock your door. This is more convenient and secure, which makes you carefree from losing your keys. 

Remote Access 

With a Schlage lock, you can lock and unlock your door at any location remotely with the use of a smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you are coming home from work and you do not have keys, or if you have to let someone into your home while you are not there. These Schlage locks will be very helpful to handle this situation. 

Guest Access 

With the use of Schlage locks, you can easily create temporary codes for your honorable guests. This will be helpful if you are expecting some guests, a repairman or a delivery person. On the other hand, it will make it easy while you are having a party. 

Security Measures 

This Schlage locks complete all security measures with having feature of PIN Codes, fingerprint scanners, and with two-factor authentication. These features can help to prevent unauthorized access to your home, office and other sensitive area of security. 

Variety Of Different Schlage Locks

Variety Of Different Schlage Locks

A variety of Schlage locks have their own purpose of work. Having different varieties of work they meet the needs of users. 

Convenient Gadget 

Overall, Schlage locks are a more secure and convenient gadget of this era of inventions. They are designed with a number of advantages over traditional locks, which are helpful to improve the security of your home and office. 

Here Are Some Requirements Which Meet To The Need Of Modern Requirements 

Need for Home Automation: 

The modern era is the time of automation because it is making life easy in the busiest part of life. Because Schlage locks can be integrated with other devices so it can create convenience and comfortable living to the tough routine schedule. 

Energy Efficiency: 

Some Schlage locks can be programmed automatically to unlock and lock your home and office doors at certain times. It will help you to increase your home energy efficiency.

Reasons Behind Why Your Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change Here Are Some Things To Check 

Make sure you’re using the right batteries. Schlage locks require alkaline batteries. Other types of batteries, such as rechargeable batteries, may not have enough power to operate the lock. 

To make sure the problem of schlage lock not working after battery change. Check the battery installation. Ensure that the batteries are placed with the proper polarity. 

Check Batteries Terminal: 

The batteries’ positive (+) and negative (-) terminals should line up with the lock’s positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. 

If the Schlage deadbolt is not working properly so check the battery terminals. if there is any damage or dirt, this can cause electrical contact problems and prevent the Schlage from operating properly. 

Make sure no corrosion and dirt here hinder the lock’s performance. Otherwise, it can cause intermittent operation or no operation at all. 

Proper Batteries Connection:

Proper Batteries Connection in Schlage Lock

Check the connections to the batteries. There could be rusted or loose battery connections. If they are, wash them with water and baking soda, a mild abrasive. Make the lock new. You might need to reset the lock if the aforementioned methods don’t work. 

Lock’s LED Light Checking:

To accomplish this, take the lock’s batteries out and then put them back in while pressing the lock button. At least 30 seconds must pass with the button depressed before the lock’s LED lights begin to flash three times. 

If you’ve checked all these things and your lock is still not working, you may need to contact Schlage customer support for further assistance. 

Additional Tips For Preventing Your Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change 

  • Use fresh batteries. Old batteries may need more power to operate the lock. 
  • Avoid using mixed batteries. Using different types of batteries, such as alkaline and rechargeable, can cause the lock to malfunction. 
  • Store the lock in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures can damage the batteries and the lock itself. 
  • Clean the lock regularly. Dirt and debris can build up on the Schlage lock and interfere with its operation.

Why Is The Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change? 

If your Schlage lock is not working after a battery change, it is likely due to a connection issue between the batteries and the electronic lock. Check to make sure the batteries are properly connected and if that does not work, reset the lock by taking out the batteries and waiting until the LED light goes out. 

If, after trying this, the lock is still not working correctly, then it’s likely the issue is with the lock’s electronics and you may need to bring it in for professional service. 

If Your Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change, Here’s How to Fix It. 

If your Schlage lock has stopped functioning after you installed new batteries, there are some simple steps you can take to troubleshoot and restore proper functionality. 

Firstly, ensure the batteries are fresh; ensure none are low or dead after changing them out. 

Secondly, check for dirty or corroded contacts inside its battery compartment that prevent it from functioning normally. 

Thirdly, also refer to Schlage’s website for instructions on updating firmware if applicable. 

Finally, consult it as to when its firmware should be updated if appropriate.

An alternative reason for a smart lock not responding could be that it’s in “programming mode.” To exit this state, consult your user manual or contact Schlage customer support for advice. 

Furthermore, mechanical issues could interfere with its function so it’s crucial that none of its sensors or gears are blocked, as well as all internal gears working correctly. 

Factory Reset

Doing a factory reset may be necessary in order to restore smart locks that no longer function after changing batteries, and you can do this by pressing the Schlage button on the back of the lock until it beeps three times and flashes green on its status LED display. Factory resetting will be helpful while your schlage lock not working after battery change. 

Manually Lock Checking 

If Schlage lock not working after battery change, use the manual key override feature of a smart lock to manually open it. Most models offer a slot on either the outside or inside the door. where a physical key can be inserted to bypass its electronic locking mechanism and open up your lock. 

Loose Connection Checking

Check for loose connections by taking steps such as taking off the battery cover and looking for wires that have come unconnected, disconnecting them can interrupt the flow of electricity in your lock, leading to its malfunction. When changing batteries is common for one or more wires connecting batteries directly to the circuit board to become disconnected, but you should also inspect other kinked or broken wires that might also become disconnected during battery replacements. 

How You Can Eliminate Corrosion 

In the case of your Schlage lock not working after battery change, it may be due to a loose battery connector. Make sure that it is firmly snapped onto the tray, with none of its connecting wires exposed. Also, use cotton swabs soaked with vinegar or lemon juice to clean battery terminals and eliminate corrosion which may impede connection. 

Consultation With A Professional Locksmith 

Professional Locksmith

If all these fixes have failed to get your Schlage to lock working again, it might be worth consulting a professional locksmith. They may help to replace or repair it as necessary as well as offer advice on how to best maintain and care for it over time – in addition, if your lock has been affected by severe weather conditions, they can advise how best to protect it against future damage. 

You Can Change the Code on a Schlage Lock By Following These Steps Step 1: Find the programming code

Step 2: Enter the programming code 

Step 3: Press the number 1 and Schlage buttons simultaneously Step 4: Set your new enter code 

Step 5: Enter your 4-digit code again and confirm 

Troubleshooting Table for the use of the Schlage Locks and the batteries

Issue  Lights  Beeps  Solutions
There is no need for any code, I can unlock my deadbolt, after pushing simply the Schlage button. Green 


1 High  Repeat the installation process, due to incorrect installation your lock is not secure. Ensure the positions of the bolt and cam are correct.
The deadbolt is not extending, after rotating and pushing the thumb turn. None  None  Disability of lock and leave feature.


After entering the User Code, the lock’s green light flashes, but it is unable to unlock. Green 


1 High  Lock Override should be disabled, look if is it enabled.
After the deadbolt is thrown, the outside thumb turn doesn’t spin freely. 

I want to delete a programming code that I forgot. 

I don’t remember Programming 


User code is not unlocking the lock









By enabling the Lock override, disable the keypad. Because the lock is malfunctioning. 

Firstly, delete all the User Codes, Then add the needed User Codes again into the lock. 

Check the front of the guide of the Schlage lock or the back of the keypad which is assembled for the default programming code. 

The user is not entering a valid code 

UserCode entered is not a valid User Code.


During pressing numbers, there is no light None  None  Entrance of too many incorrect Users Codes. Wait for 30 Seconds and try again. If it is still not working then replace the battery.
After entering a valid user code, there is a delay to unlock 

Cannot delete a user code

Red then Green 


High/Lo w 

Then 1 

It means battery is low and it is replaceable 

Second user code is not matching to the first user code.

Cannot add a new user code Red  High/low Due to 19 user codes already existing. Delete a user code, before adding a new one
Without any code entrance, blink of red light Quick 



None  Battery is dead and MUST be replaced.
Programming code changing is hard Red  Second programming code is not matching with the first programming


All user codes are not deleting Red  Second time used programming code is incorrect


Lock will not stay in programming mode. 

Red 2 After programming mode entry Immediately use of any key other 

than was pressed or might be 

incorrect entry was made during the 

programming process 

The Best Schlage Locks With Features 

Here are some best Schlage locks that will help you to choose Schlage lock according to your requirements. 

Schlage Connect: 

Smart locks in the Schlage Connect line provide cutting-edge technologies like Z-Wave or Zigbee connectivity that enable interaction with smart home systems. Through home automation systems or cell phones, these locks can be operated remotely. 

Schlage Encode: 

Another range of smart locks with Wi-Fi connectivity is the Schlage Encode series. Without the need for additional hubs or systems, these locks let you operate and monitor your door from anywhere using a smartphone app.

Schlage Sense: 

Bluetooth-enabled smart locks from the Schlage Sense line are compatible with cell phones. They offer handy keyless entry and are the best option for customers that like Bluetooth technology over Z-Wave or Wi-Fi. 

Deadbolts From Schlage: 

Schlage provides a selection of conventional deadbolt locks that offer trustworthy security. Their deadbolts are available in a variety of finishes and styles to match various door designs. 

Schlage Touch: 

Keyless touchscreen deadbolts are available in the Schlage Touch series. They replace the need for physical keys because they are practical and simple to operate. 


Consider characteristics like security capabilities, connectivity possibilities (if you want a smart lock), compatibility with your current home automation system, and the lock’s aesthetics to match the design of your door when selecting the best Schlage lock for your requirements. To make an informed choice, it’s also a good idea to study customer reviews and ask for advice from reliable sources. 

You Can Protect Your Schlage Lock From Battery Damage

When schlage lock not working after battery change Follow these recommendations to safeguard your Schlage lock from battery damage and guarantee proper operation: 

Utilise High-Quality Batteries: 

Make an investment in dependable brand high-quality batteries. Batteries that are inexpensive or of poor quality may leak and harm the lock’s battery compartment. 

Check Battery Polarity: 

Replace batteries with the proper polarity (+ and -), as shown in the battery compartment, by checking the battery polarity. Damage may result if the batteries are inserted improperly. 

Replace Batteries Right Away: 

As soon as the lock begins to exhibit signs of battery exhaustion or the low battery indicator activates, replace the batteries right away. With low-quality batteries, the lock may malfunction or sustain harm. 

Clean Battery Contacts:

Frequently look for any evidence of corrosion or debris on the battery contacts inside the battery compartment of the lock. Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe the contacts clean if you see any buildup. 

Avoid Extreme Temperatures: 

Both hot and cold extremes can have an impact on battery performance and cause leakage. Maintain your lock in a room with a comfortable temperature. To avoid of schlage lock not working after battery change. 

Keep The Lock Dry: 

Keep the lock dry to prevent battery deterioration and damage from moisture and water exposure. Install the lock in a protected area and stay away from humid locations. 

Follow Manufacturer Instructions: 

You must take guidance from the user guide and follow these guidelines which are provided by Schlage. This will guarantee that you are following the suggested steps and staying clear of any dangers of Schlage lock not working after battery change. 

Utilise Smart Lock Features:

If your Schlage lock has remote access and is a smart lock, check the battery level using the corresponding mobile app. Some smart locks provide low battery notifications so you can quickly change the batteries. 

Think About Backup Power: 

Some smart locks offer choices for backup power, including using a 9V battery to temporarily power the lock. When schlage lock not working after battery change just think about power backup. 


A Schlage lock’s failure to operate after a battery change could be caused by a number of factors. One possibility is that the new batteries may not have made proper contact with the internal components due to improper battery replacement procedures. 

The lock can lose power as a result of this and stop working altogether. Another frequent problem can be rusted or unclean battery connectors or terminals that block the flow of electricity. In some instances, the battery replacement procedure may have caused a malfunction or damage to the lock’s electronic components. 

Incorrect reassembling of the lock after changing the batteries could also result in faulty operation. Make sure the battery contacts are clean and firmly connected in order to address the issue. If the problem doesn’t go away, you might need to consult the lock’s instruction manual or speak with Schlage customer service to diagnose and fix any electronic or mechanical issues.

Battery compatibility always depends on the deadbolts you are using in your home. Every battery varies in its functions and company’s reliability. First of all, check all the features by yourself if it does not work then consult the owner’s manual or get in connect with customer services. They will guide you in locating the ideal batteries for your lock, so you won’t be concerned about incompatibility again. As you test and replace the batteries in your smoke alarms, you must replace the batteries in your Schlage Lock at the same time each year. 

For replacement always use a high-quality alkaline 9-volt battery. Because they are discharged they have less rapid power. 

FAQS Related The Schlage Lock Not Working After The Battery Change 

What are Schlage Codes? 

You will find the master code on a sticker or on the back of the front of the lock if you take the lock off. The purpose of putting it here is to meet the security measures. If it is required to have access to the code, remove the lock from the door. 

What Do The Schlage Buttons’ Signal Colours Indicate? 

The status of the lock is shown by these signal colour buttons. 

Orange: The lock is in the programming mode

Red: critically low battery, error in the programming mode, entered a wrong user code 

Green: A correct user code is entered, 

How can you keep your Schlage code Secure? 

  • Write down and keep it in a secure place 
  • Never share with anyone 
  • Immediately change it, if you think your lock code is compromised. Keep changing often. 

How you can change the programming code on the Schlage Lock? 

These are some steps to change the programming code on your Schlage lock Input the current programming code 

Press the # key 

Input the new programming code 

Press the # key again 

The programming code is successfully changed.

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