Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue When Charging

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue When Charging

The blue flashing light on the doorbell indicates that it is charging. The ring doorbell may take up to 5 hours. If the blue flashlight does not turn off after charging, there may be a problem with the charging process of the doorbell battery.

The battery in your Ring Doorbell is likely low and is being recharged if it is flashing blue while it is charging. A visual cue that the gadget is in charging mode is the blue light that flashing.

When the blue light flashing, the doorbell receives power to replenish the battery because the battery level is below a predetermined threshold. The blue light should cease blinking after the battery is fully charged, and the doorbell will function normally afterward.


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Why Is Your Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue When Charging?


Your Ring Doorbell’s blue LED can provide all the information you require regarding the condition of the device. It may flash in a variety of blue and white patterns, and each design has the ability to convey a different message.

In order to make sure your Ring Doorbell is functioning properly, it is crucial to comprehend the numerous messages it can send through its light. A ring doorbell flashing blue when charging, usually represents the device’s current charging level.

The following are a few potential causes of your ring doorbell  flashing when charging:


Low Battery: 

Your ring doorbell may begin flashing if the battery is severely low and you need to charge it. The ring doorbell flashing blue when charging acts as a visual cue to make sure it is powered.

When your Ring Doorbell is connected to a power source such a micro-USB cable or a charging dock, the flashing light means that charging is currently taking place. It acts as a signal that the doorbell is receiving power and that the battery is charging.

An issue with the power source or a charging fault may occasionally be indicated by a flashing light while the device is being charged. The doorbell may flash in a particular pattern to signify an error if it is not charging properly or runs into an issue while charging.

It’s important to keep in mind that different ring doorbell models may have different charge indicators.

different ring doorbell models may have different charge indicators

Depending on your model, the blue light pattern on your ring doorbell flashing blue when charging will seem different.

The charging cable must be inserted into the port behind the ring doorbell for both the first and second generations in order to recharge the battery. Your Ring Doorbell is currently charging if it is glowing blue while plugged in. As the battery life extends, the circle light fills up. The light changes to solid blue when the battery is fully charged.

There are replaceable batteries in various battery-powered ring doorbell versions that can be externally charged. The light turns off when the doorbell batteries are removed, and only turns back on when they are reinstalled.

Despite the fact that the ring doorbell Pro is a wired device, Upon setup, the charging process starts automatically, and the top half of the LED starts to blink blue. As soon as it has finished charging, the light turns off.

Even after being fully charged, the ring app’s battery indicator occasionally reports that your doorbell is running short of power. The app’s accurate battery level will then be displayed after a few test rings on the doorbell. This works because every time you press and ring the doorbell button, the battery level on the app is updated.

Spinning Of Doorbell Light


If there are no credentials saved in the doorbell, the spinning white light comes on when the doorbell tries to establish the WIFI connection. As long as this continues, the ring won’t be able to join the network.

Since this status indicator expires after 10 minutes if you can’t connect to the WIFI, you won’t need to do anything about it.


Ring Chime Flashing Blue Light

Similar to the ring doorbell, the ring chime’s blue light serves as a status indicator. A solid blue light shows the chime is operating without any problems, a black light means it is not receiving any power, and a blinking blue light indicates the Chime has some other problem.

One of four things can happen when the blue light flashing:

  • The apparatus is configured.
  • The computer is restarting.
  • The computer is joining the WIFI network once more.
  • The device is now undergoing an automated upgrade.


 The Camera Of the Ring Flashing White And Blue


The ring doorbell is going through a factory reset when it begins to flash blue and white. This can be seen when you initiate a factory reset from your phone, but if the exact same sequence continues without your intervention, the doorbell may have become caught in a reset loop.

The best course of action at that moment would be to contact ring support. When you turn on the doorbell for the first time, a second blue and white pattern with four distinct LEDs is seen. It may take up to an hour for the device to fully power up, but this shows that the setup process you followed was successful.


With Which Sources The Ring Doorbell Is Connected?


There are typically two main sources of doorbell connection. 


Power Source: 


Ring doorbells can be linked to an existing doorbell system or powered by an internal rechargeable battery. A micro-USB cable or a separate battery pack can recharge the internal battery if your ring doorbell has one. If it is hardwired, the wiring for the doorbell supplies power to it.


Wi-Fi Network: 

To enable features like live video streaming, motion detection, and remote access via the ring app, ring doorbells link to your home’s Wi-Fi network. You must enter the necessary credentials to link the ring doorbell to your Wi-Fi network during the initial setup process.


Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue Randomly


After setup is complete, your doorbell is rebooting if you notice blue flashing of light occurring every second on your ring doorbell. This occurs each time your doorbell loses power or if its firmware is automatically updated.

The only thing you need to do is wait for your ring doorbell to reset when it starts steadily flashing. This process could take a while.

Rebooting ring doorbells is a typical occurrence. But if it happens frequently, there can be an issue. Make sure to routinely charge your ring doorbell battery to prevent this from happening.


Flashing Blue Light With One Second ON & OFF


Your ring doorbell flashing blue when charging, the battery in your ring doorbell may be overheating if the blue light begins to blink quickly (1 second on, 1 second off). This might be brought on by an outdated charger or even from spending too much time in the sun. 

It’s crucial to stop charging the gadget as soon as you discover this is happening and give it some time to cool off before trying to charge it again.


A Rotating Blue Light


While your ring doorbell flashing blue when charging may be having problems connecting to your network if the blue light on the device starts to whirl. A weak Wi-Fi connection or even a problem with the router itself may be to blame for this.


A Single Blue Light


When your ring doorbell has a solid blue light, it is completely charged and ready for use. You can remove the item from its charger and re-connect it once this light stops flashing.


Reasons Behind The Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue When Charging 4 Times


When your doorbell’s blue light flashing four times, it often denotes a certain circumstance or condition. Here are a few potential meanings, though the precise meaning may vary based on the manufacturer and model of your doorbell.


Ring Button Pressed

A blue light that flashing four times may indicate that the doorbell button has been pressed in some doorbell models. You can see that a visitor has rung the doorbell.

Low Battery: 

Another explanation is that the doorbell’s battery needs to be replaced. Four flashing could be a specific sign of a low battery level in some doorbell types, which use various patterns of flashing lights to show the battery status.

WIFI Connectivity Problem:

Some doorbells employ a blue light that flashing to signal connectivity problems with the Wi-Fi network. A specific pattern that could be utilized to identify a network connection issue is four flashing. If you think there might be a Wi-Fi problem, you can try troubleshooting your network or getting in touch with customer support for more advice.


Meaning Of Upward Moving Ring Doorbell Blue Light

When your ring doorbell is attempting to connect to your Wi-Fi network if it has a blue light traveling upward in that direction. This frequently occurs when the doorbell is first set up, but it can also happen if the doorbell loses connectivity to your Wi-Fi network.


You Can Attempt The Following Troubleshooting Procedures If The Blue Light On Your Ring Doorbell Is Moving Upward


  • Ensure that your Wi-Fi network is active and that you are inside the network’s coverage area.
  • Your Ring Doorbell should be reset.
  • Re-add your Wi-Fi network after erasing it from your Ring Doorbell.
  • Your Ring Doorbell’s firmware needs to be updated.


Reasons for Rapid Blue Flashing Light Turns White?


Depending on the model and maker, the meaning of a doorbell’s quick blue light flashing followed by the lights turning white may differ. In some instances, though, this light pattern denotes that the doorbell is undergoing a reset procedure or is switching into setup mode.


This Light Pattern Can Mean One Of The Following Things


The doorbell may be resetting or getting ready for a new setup if its blue lights are flashing rapidly. In order to do this, the present network may need to be disconnected or old settings erased.

When the ring doorbell flashing blue when charging stops flashing quickly and becomes white, it may be time for the doorbell to establish a new connection or switch into setup mode.

It’s important to keep in mind that different doorbell models and producers may have slightly varied interpretations of the phrase. We suggest consulting the user manual or getting in touch with the manufacturer’s customer care to learn more precise details about the light patterns on your particular doorbell. 

Based on the lights on your doorbell, they will be able to provide you with a detailed explanation and step-by-step instructions.


Here Are Some Features Which Make These Doorbells More Effective


High-Definition Video And Live View:


The majority of intelligent doorbells have an integrated camera that allows you to view live video from your front door on a linked smartphone or tablet.


Two-Way Audio: 


This function enables you to converse with guests at your door utilizing the doorbell’s built-in speaker and microphone. You can interact with delivery workers, visitors, or even possible burglars.

Motion Detection: 


Motion-detecting doorbells can give you notifications on your mobile device when they detect movement close to your front door. You can use this function to keep track of nearby activity, such as package delivery or ominous movements.


Night Vision: 


Many smart doorbells come with infrared sensors that let them record crystal-clear video even when it’s dark outside or at night.


Video Recording And Cloud Storage: 


Some doorbell types have the ability to store recorded video on the cloud. This enables you to examine previous events, save significant clips, and remotely access footage.


Mobile Alerts: 


You can receive immediate notifications on your smartphone or tablet when your doorbell rings or motion is detected. Even while you’re not at home, this function makes sure you’re informed of any visits or activities at your doorstep.


Integration with Other Smart Home Platforms and Devices


Smart doorbells can frequently be combined with other smart home platforms and devices. This enables you to combine your doorbell with other smart security systems in your house or manage and monitor it using voice commands using virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


There Are Some Precautionary Measures When The Ring Doorbell Is Charging


It’s crucial to take certain safety precautions when charging your ring doorbell to safeguard your safety. Here are some important suggestions which can be followed to secure your ring doorbell. While ring doorbell flashing blue when charging. 


Maintain A Dry Charging Area:


Ensure that the charging environment is dry and liquid-free. The doorbell may become damaged by water or moisture, which also raises the danger of electric shock.


Avoid Severe Temperatures: 


The Ring doorbell flashing blue when charging, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures. The gadget may be harmed if the battery is subjected to extreme heat or sunshine.


Charge The Doorbell Out Of Reach: 


Refrain from charging the doorbell in tight areas like a box or drawer. This may lead to overheating and present a fire risk.


Don’t Block Or Cover The Doorbell:


Make sure that the charging wire is not twisted, tangled, or kinked and that it won’t interfere with using or seeing the doorbell. During charging, provide adequate ventilation around the gadget.


Check the charging cable for any signs of damage, such as fraying, exposed wires, or bent connectors, on a regular basis. To avoid electrical dangers, replace the cable right away if you discover any problems.


Charge In A Well-Ventilated Location: 


To avoid heat accumulation of the ring doorbell when charging, place the doorbell in a well-ventilated area. It should not be charged close to combustibles or in close proximity to other electronic devices.


Observe The Manufacturer’s Guidelines


Be sure to carefully read and adhere to Ring’s directions for charging your particular doorbell model. They might also provide extra safety advice or particular billing rules. These safety precautions will help you ensure that your Ring doorbell is charged securely and correctly.


Troubleshooting While Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue When Charging: 


You can try the following troubleshooting methods if your ring doorbell flashing blue when charging and you suspect a problem: Make sure the power supply you’re using to charge the ring doorbell is in good working order.

To rule out any problems with the power supply or cable, try plugging the doorbell into a different outlet or using a different charging cable.


Check the Charging Method: 


Make sure you are charging your ring doorbell using the appropriate technique for your particular model. 

While other versions could need a separate battery pack or a wired connection to an existing doorbell system, certain models include an integrated rechargeable battery that can be charged via a micro-USB cable. 


Check the Battery Level:

If your Ring Doorbell has a built-in battery, you can check it in the Ring app or in the settings of the device. The doorbell could flash blue as it charges if the battery is really low. 

Give the battery enough time to recharge, and then check to see if the flashing continues after the battery has had a chance to do so.


Reset the Doorbell: 


Resetting the Ring Doorbell might occasionally assist address problems. For information on how to reset your particular doorbell model, consult the user guide or the manufacturer’s website. 

After the device has been reset, configure it once more and check to see if the blue light is still flashing. If your ring doorbell has a built-in battery, you can check its level in the ring app or in the device’s settings. 

In the event that the battery is extremely low, the doorbell may glow blue while charging. Give the battery ample time to recharge, and once it has had a chance to do so, notice if the flashing persists the ring doorbell flashing blue when charging.


Reset the Doorbell: 


In some cases, resetting the ring doorbell can help solve issues. Consult the user manual or the manufacturer’s website for instructions on how to reset your specific doorbell model. Reconfigure the device when it has been reset, then look to see if the ring doorbell flashing blue when charging is still flashing.


Here Are Some Pointers And Best Practices To Help Your Ring Doorbell Last Longer


Installation Techniques: 


Make sure you install your ring doorbell in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes making sure your door or wall is securely attached and using the right mounting hardware. A correct installation will shield the device from unneeded strain.


Stable Wi-Fi Connection: 


For your ring doorbell to work at its best, you must have a steady and dependable Wi-Fi connection. Make sure your Wi-Fi router can reach your doorbell and that the signal is strong. If necessary, think about utilizing mesh networks or Wi-Fi extenders.


Regular Firmware Upgrades: 


Stay current with the ring’s firmware upgrades. These upgrades frequently contain performance enhancements, security patches, and bug fixes. Frequently check the ring app for updates, and install them right away, to check that ring doorbell flashing blue when charging. 


Proper Power Source:


Use the specified batteries and swap them out as needed if your ring doorbell runs on batteries. To avoid harming the device, make sure the power source for hardwired doorbells is reliable and supplies the right voltage.


Weather Proofing: 


Although ring doorbells are made to survive a variety of weather situations, adopting a few steps will help increase their longevity. Make sure the gadget is set up in an area shielded from harsh weather conditions, such as intense sunlight and heavy rain.


Change Motion Settings: 


Check the ring app’s motion detection settings to reduce pointless alarms and recordings. As a result, the device may operate more efficiently and last longer.


Regular Cleaning: 


Keep dirt, dust, and debris off of your ring doorbell. Wipe the lens and its surroundings occasionally using a gentle, lint-free cloth. Be careful while using chemicals or abrasive materials, they can damage your gadget.


Optimal Usage: 


Ring doorbells may operate continuously, however, cutting back on needless use can help them last longer. For instance, if it’s not necessary, avoid continually accessing the live view feature for extended periods of time.


Firmly Mounted: 


Take action to prevent theft of your ring doorbell to prevent it from happening. Make ensuring it is firmly mounted, and to make it more difficult for criminals to remove, think about using security screws or a cover.


Warranty and Support: 


Register your ring doorbell and become familiar with the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Contact Ring’s customer service for assistance if you need it.

By adhering to these recommendations, you may extend the usefulness of your ring doorbell’s capabilities and maximize its lifespan.


Use The Charging Cable And Power Adapter That Is Provided 

Consistently use the charging cable and power adapter that is supplied by Ring or another reliable manufacturer. Using unofficial or unsuitable chargers could harm your doorbell or endanger your safety.




Circular LED lights are present on the front of each ring doorbell model. The state of your ring gadget or the function it’s now performing can be determined by the blue, white, or red light patterns that flash. 

The Ring doorbell can send notifications, capture videos, and let you engage with visitors remotely using the Ring app or other compatible devices as soon as it is linked to a power source and your Wi-Fi network. 

These are just a few of the typical characteristics of smart doorbells. Depending on the brand and particular product you select, other models could have extra features or variations. Your ring doorbell is most likely charging properly if it has a flashing blue light. 

A problem with the battery or charger may be present if the light does not go out after a few hours or if it starts flashing quickly (1 second on, 1 second off). Resolving any concerns as soon as possible will help prevent any significant ones in the future.

To fully understand what the flashing blue light on your doorbell means, it’s vital to refer to the user manual or other documentation that is specific to that model. The best course of action, if you can’t locate what you’re looking for, is to contact the manufacturer’s customer service, who can offer precise and model-specific advice.

We advise reviewing the user manual or getting help from Ring’s customer care for accurate information regarding the precise charging behavior of your Ring doorbell model.

If you want more precise and in-depth information, consult the user manual or get in touch with Ring’s customer care.

On the front of every ring doorbell model, there are circular LED lights. Flashing blue, white, or red light patterns give you useful information about the status or operation of your Ring gadget.

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