Privacy Ideas For Above Ground Pools

No matter whether it be sunbathing, swimming laps, or enjoying a glass of wine poolside – privacy is essential in creating the ultimate backyard oasis experience. There are countless ideas out there for creating more privacy-enhancing elements in order to transform your yard into an idyllic haven away from everyday stressors and worries.

Fencing can be one of the easiest pool privacy ideas. Fences block passersby from seeing into or peeking out from your pool area. Wood and metal fencing options are readily available at most hardware stores and can even be stained or painted to complement your home’s exterior. Alternatively, consider creating a natural barrier using vines and shrubbery as a trellis-like screen around your pool – this way, sunlight won’t hit it directly!

Another way to create a pool privacy barrier is with the use of stone walkways. These pathways help deter non-swimmers from walking into the area and may prevent accidents like someone accidentally falling in. Plus, their stylish appearance helps define its space within the pool area.

Wooden pergolas make an attractive yet cost-effective addition to the poolside, without needing for permanent installation or digging. These shaded structures add an air of luxury that can be enhanced with outdoor rattan furniture and textiles to complete the look. Potted lavender and flickering hurricane lanterns add extra charm.

If a pergola isn’t your cup of tea, consider building a pool cabana instead. These stunning structures resemble a cross between a pergola and gazebo in terms of appearance; typically featuring optional usage drapes for privacy. Cabanas offer an idyllic space to unwind with friends while relaxing on existing decks or pool patios.

Another simple and cost-effective option to create privacy around your pool is using a slatted fence as a privacy screen. Slatted fencing solutions boast contemporary appeal that blends perfectly into modern landscapes while remaining relatively inexpensive to install. Furthermore, you can customize this solution further by planting flowers or climbing plants to fill any gaps over time.

For those seeking a combination of functionality and beauty in their pool privacy solutions, there are a number of designs that combine a fence with other structures, such as pergolas or lattice fences – great options if time or budget don’t allow for investing in more comprehensive privacy solutions.

Bamboo makes an excellent addition to your backyard poolscape if you enjoy its aesthetic qualities and climate-tolerant growing habits. When planting it correctly, however, care must be taken in maintaining an appropriate distance from your poolside area. If bamboo isn’t your cup of tea, other flowering shrubs such as abelia, ski laurel or privet can increase privacy significantly around your poolside space.

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