Privacy Ideas For Above Ground Pools

At more than 7.4 million residential pools across the U.S., privacy is often top of mind for pool owners of above ground pools. Swimming can be an enjoyable and rejuvenating activity, and no one wants nosy neighbors peeping into your relaxation time or watching your child splash around in the water. Luckily, there are various solutions available that will provide your pool area with enough solitude that it suits you perfectly.

Above ground pool landscapers use various techniques to craft an idyllic private pool experience. A classic wooden fence works well, especially when its planks are closer together for maximum view blocking capabilities. Or plant fast-growing shrubs like hydrangeas or lilacs around its perimeter for added aesthetic value while creating a barrier from curious passerby eyes.

Create a natural privacy wall around your pool by planting evergreen shrubs that thrive in your climate, such as laurels, boxwoods and yews. These easy-care shrubs won’t obstruct sunlight from reaching your pool as other trees might, enabling you to fully experience swimming without being exposed to harsh sunrays.

If you don’t want to invest in a privacy fence, another effective way of creating privacy for your pool can be installing privacy screens. These opaque panels block anyone from peeking in your pool area and deter any potential intruders from entering it. Home improvement stores carry these privacy screens in various styles. Wood and mesh metal panels may complement each other or you could try adding wood privacy screens that match existing fencing around your pool area for an alternative aesthetic.

Build a cabana around your above ground pool as an oasis for swimming. Cabanas resemble gazebos in that they include roofs and weatherproof mattresses for restful rest on while floating. Cabanas are often associated with hotel pools; however, online stores sell cabanas that can fit right in with backyard pools as well.

Pool privacy protocols not only add an air of intimacy and peace to the swimming experience, they may save lives as well. Children from nearby homes could wander into your yard unknowingly and drown, so having fences and other barriers around it are crucial for protecting children in that part of the neighborhood. Furthermore, pool privacy measures help prevent people from feeling unsafe when seeing swimming pools in other backyards; ultimately these ideas allow you to fully enjoy your backyard pool for as long as possible without worrying about peeping onlookers peering through windows or peeping eyes peering in from outsiders!

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