Popular Carpet Colors 2023

Updating carpets is a cost-effective way to add new life into your home and make it more welcoming. According to a survey, homeowners were generally satisfied with how new carpets impacted their living spaces and would recommend them. If you plan on replacing your flooring this year, be sure to explore current trends to maximize the return on your purchase.

Dark and dramatic carpeting will likely remain popular choices in 2023, especially when combined with light wall colors or darker furniture. Its deep hues can add drama and function as focal points within any space.

Earth tones and neutral hues will likely remain popular choices in 2023 for carpet colors that offer subtlety, such as sienna, umber and terracotta colors that complement any decor style.

People today are turning towards natural elements in their homes for inspiration. This trend can be seen through the growing use of sisal rugs and natural materials throughout their living spaces, as well as green or teal carpets – ideal for bedrooms and living rooms alike!

Geometric patterns in carpet design offer a daring option for those not afraid of color, from intricate tessellations to hexagons and chevrons – they add visual interest without being overwhelming. Add one or more bold designs into your living space for a contemporary, modern aesthetic.

Pink carpet may feel like something from the 70s, but it’s making a comeback this year! Pink carpet is an effective way to add color without overwhelming a room and pairs well with teal, grey and red hues.

If you’re fearful that your bedroom might look too Barbie-ish, plush or shag carpets can add warmth and coziness while remaining fashionable. In addition to adding style, these carpets provide extra comfort while hiding any dirt that accumulates from shoes or feet.

Carpet color will influence the atmosphere in a room; for instance, bright yellow will work better with white walls than pale beige ones.

If you’re not ready to commit fully to purchasing a rug or carpet yet, try adding an area rug as part of your design scheme. This trend offers the perfect way to show your unique sense of style while introducing colors or textures you haven’t fully committed to yet.

No matter your taste or personality, 2023 promises something for you! Color blocking or matching rugs to walls are among many creative trends you could choose from to adorn your space in style.

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