Pool Step Weights – Solve Your Floating Ladder Problems With Pool Step Anchor Weights

Pool steps that float can be both an inconvenience for swimmers entering and exiting the water and a safety hazard. Plastic’s buoyancy causes steps to tip over or collapse under weight when being used; making accessing pools difficult for people with mobility issues. Pool step weights help stabilize these stairs so everyone in the family has easy access.

Ladders can be difficult for those with limited mobility to navigate safely and comfortably, such as children and the elderly. Furthermore, they take up space and require frequent cleaning and maintenance in order to remain in good condition. Pool steps provide a more gradual entryway into a swimming area at lower costs compared with ladders; many homeowners opt for pool steps instead for their convenience, comfort, and safety.

Steps may be more comfortable to use than ladders; however, they can still be wobbly at their base and float, making them dangerous for children or anyone uncertain about their balance. Furthermore, steps are more difficult to move than ladders and may obstruct circulation of your pool water, leading to algae problems in some instances.

Anchor weights offer an easy, cost-effective solution to these issues: simply placing them in jugs or other waterproof containers can weigh down the steps, helping keep them secure on the bottom of the swimming area. Plus, when winter rolls around they’re easy to store away without worrying where you should keep the weights!

As opposed to concrete blocks, these pool step weights are constructed of an eco-friendly and weather resistant material which makes them suitable for use across all types of pools. They come in different sizes to meet the specific needs of every swimming pool while existing stairs or new staircases can use them too. They may be filled with various substances including sand or pea gravel – though if using pea gravel make sure that its use won’t compromise your filter system or automatic cleaner’s efficiency!

If you want a convenient, effortless solution to wobbly pool steps, the Anchor universal pool step weight may be your answer. Simply insert into the back of a step and lift out with its convenient handle; no messy sand bags or cement blocks required here! Two will fit inside 26-inch steps while three fit 36-inch steps – and for even easier installation each anchor weight comes equipped with its own fill tube!

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