Plan Your Kitchen Into Zones For Easier Cooking and Cleaning

The kitchen is often the hub of any home. People gather here for meals and conversations while living or dining areas may also use this space. With more people using your space at once, it’s crucial that it be organized to maximize efficiency during every task performed in this space. To make that work more efficiently.

Traditional kitchen triangle of food preservation, cooking and cleaning still has its place; however, islands have broadened the scope for zone planning by creating multiple points of use. Furthermore, adding second sinks or refrigerator drawers further expands your workspace to allow more specialized work zones.

Your cooking zone should encompass your cooktop and oven as well as storage for larger appliances used for meal preparation, such as the fridge, microwave and pantry. In this space you should also find smaller appliances like blenders or mixers used for food prep as well as easily accessible tools like knives and chopping boards that assist with preparation.

An adequate prep area in any kitchen should always remain free from unnecessary clutter, as excessive messiness can become distracting, leading to accidents like cut fingers. If your food prep zone becomes disorganized due to too many items that need to be put away in either sink or dishwasher, make sure you have appropriate storage solutions in place for these items or they could end up sitting around unnecessarily.

A food preparation zone should feature your sink and dishwasher with easy access to a pull-out trash receptacle for disposal of dirty dishes, utensils and pots and pans. In addition, easy access should be granted to refrigerator, microwave and pantry so all ingredients can be quickly found while cooking. If you often host dinner parties or family gatherings in your kitchen design, considering creating an additional serving zone outside the cooking zone which makes accessing serving supplies simpler when guests arrive.

Clean and Wash Zone should have a sink dedicated to washing dishes, glasses, and other cookware before placing it into the dishwasher. In this area should also be a spot for storing cleaning supplies as well as drying racks for sponges, dish cloths, or any other piece of cleaning equipment used here; you could even store brooms, mops, or dustpans here too!

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