Paul Robeson Tomato

Honor the 20th century Renaissance man and Civil Rights champion with this delicious tomato dish!

Paul Robeson tomato varieties have gained quite the cult-like following among gardeners and connoisseurs of Russian heirloom varieties, often called indeterminate varieties. Ranging in size from 7-10 ounces beefsteak-type tomatoes with dusky brick-red skin and green shoulders and offering complex sweet and smoky flavors – they were named in honor of Paul Robeson – an African-American opera singer, linguist actor civil rights activist who championed equal rights for blacks globally.

Tomatoes enjoy an extended growing season that starts early summer and extends well into fall or even winter in certain climates. Their plants are highly adaptable and can tolerate a range of temperatures and conditions; furthermore they produce an abundance of fruit making tomatoes an essential staple in many home kitchens.

Tomatoes are an ideal vegetable for growing in areas that receive at least six hours of sun daily, ideally on soil rich in nutrients, with regular watering requirements. While tomato plants can attract fruit flies and budworm, these pests can be managed through low-toxic spraying of chemicals with careful attention paid to environmental concerns.

Like other types of tomatoes, paul robeson tomatoes require meticulous and consistent attention in order to thrive and produce high yields. To stimulate fruit production and promote health and yields, regular fertilization using high-grade organic compost or manure may be beneficial. Although drought-tolerant and can withstand periods of dry weather without additional irrigation needs, consistent watering must still occur throughout its growth period.

To keep the plant healthy, prune the vines as the fruit ripens and remove any diseased or damaged leaves. Tomatoes tend to be quite juicy so harvesting at their juiciest will often ensure maximum enjoyment!

Paul Robeson tomatoes are an ideal ingredient to include in various meals, both raw and cooked, from salads to sandwiches, thanks to their versatile nature and delicious flavor, which pairs beautifully with both savory herbs like parsley and chives and dessert-type herbs like mint or lemon balm.

Tomato plants are easy to cultivate, with fruits that can be preserved, cooked or enjoyed fresh – making them a good option for both beginner gardeners and experienced growers. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange sell paul robeson tomato seeds throughout the United States and internationally, but you may also find them at local farmers markets or directly from growers.

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