Neon Coral

Neon coral adds vibrant color and character to an aquarium, as it grows quickly into thick colonies. Although initially touchy when introduced into new aquariums, acclimation issues can easily be overcome with proper water parameters and lighting setups – once established however, neon coral will flourish and flourish into vibrant displays in your system. As neon coral is very sensitive to spectrum peaks it’s essential that experiment with various combination to get maximum neon coral growth from each reef aquarium or use a color controller like Coral Color Expert to optimize neon coral display in their settings – optimising all aspects of neon coral display is best!

This coral is an exceptionally diverse and interesting specimen, suitable for almost any reef tank. Its main attraction lies in its neon colors and its unique relationship with algae; both living within its cells to harness energy for their own growth while providing shelter and nutrition to the coral itself. When ocean temperatures increase, however, this relationship can break down and release its inhabitants: coral bleaching. However, they may instead take another path and turn bright neon hues in an attempt at survival.

Bright colors in coral reefs are caused by photoprotective pigments which produce colorful glows when illuminated by UV radiation, much like green fluorescent proteins found in jellyfish. They serve as a type of sunscreen to shield coral from damage by UV rays while simultaneously acting as beacons that attract zooxanthellae back through an “optical feedback loop.”

Researchers have observed this behavior in multiple coral reef regions during mild to brief heat stress events. Researchers believe the brightly colored pigments help coral survive by providing a safer environment for its symbiotic algae that would otherwise be damaged by high UV radiation levels. They typically appear 2-3 weeks post-heat stress period and continue fluoresce when temperatures return to normal levels.

This hardy coral is very easy to care for and makes an excellent addition to any reef tank. Preferring low flow, but near lights to thrive. Sensitive to recession, be mindful when placing this coral near other corals or currents that may damage it – this coral is highly recommended as an entry level reefing choice due to its hardiness and easy care requirements.

Neon Coral is an extremely soothing and calming hue, and can be utilized in many different ways in your aquarium. Additionally, its versatility makes it a useful accent color when pairing soft pastel rainbow palettes. Neon Coral’s complement color is Turquoise which can be seen at the bottom of this page in our RGB Color Wheel.

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