Marigolds For Sale

Marigolds are one of the easiest plants to cultivate, producing vibrant blooms that brighten any garden or bouquets long into fall. Heat- and drought-tolerant as well as disease resistant, marigolds can be started from seed or transplanted once frost danger has passed – they make an annual favorite in many homes as they teach kids how seeds become plants!

Marigolds (Tagetes etuoides) come in an assortment of colors, sizes and bloom types ranging from French Dwarf varieties that stand just one to two feet to African cultivars with flowers up to six inches across. Double or single flower forms may feature stripes or speckles for patterning while breeders strive to increase the vigor, hardiness and uniformity in height and bloom size as well as their resistance against diseases and insects.

As is the case with other heirlooms, marigold breeding efforts have historically been driven by the need to maintain and build upon traditional genetics. But since F1 hybrids became practical in the late 1950s, creating cultivars with specific traits became easier. Marigolds have won seventeen medals and three gold awards over seventy years of All-America Selection trials; notable cultivars include Burpee’s Climax series and Gold Coin series marigolds won 17 medals with 3 gold awards as part of All-America Selection trials, Johnston Ardmore Golden Yellow varieties (Johnston), Tiger Eye from Marigold Farms California Plant Delights’s Marigold Magic Plant Delights’s, Patina and Sparky from independent breeders; and Royal Red from University of Minnesota.

Even though domestically grown marigolds have decreased since previous years, demand remains strong for these stunning blooms. Marigolds are especially sought-after as Day of the Dead altar decorations or installations – as well as vibrant autumn bouquets and arrangements – making small flower farms all over Sonoma County extremely busy filling orders for these vibrant marigolds.

Peter Perez of Santa Rosa and an active supporter of Petaluma’s Day of the Dead festivities says marigolds are essential components in his elaborate altars and installations. Perez describes marigolds as vibrantly shining “like the sun again”, without them “it would look dead”. Due to higher growing costs in recent seasons many flower farmers had to sell off land or switch crops more profitable; but with Day of the Dead events back again sales may increase dramatically according to Perez.

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