Magma Grills

Jim and Jerry Mashburn first invented magma grills in 1976 as they enjoyed both sailing and barbequing. Mounting traditional porcelain metal grills on their sailboat pushpit rail only caused it to rust – their solution being creating a stainless steel one that could withstand harsh marine environments.

The Magma grill features both primary and secondary grilling surfaces for searing steaks, hamburgers and vegetables with ease. With two independent heating zones allowing you to control heat output and achieve even browning of food. Plus it comes equipped with an easy piezo ignitor; built-in thermometer; sealed burner to prevent leaking; lid has tabs which snap securely into grooves on inside body for open lid access; bottom body designed for quick fuel canister swap outs!

Magma’s improved version of their Monterey II Classic Grill features an attractive exterior design, improved combustion system that keeps it lit even during strong winds, and an hermetically sealed thermometer to provide safe and accurate readings. Furthermore, there is also a swiveling control valve/regulator and fold-away table top legs for convenient portability – not forgetting 18-8 mirror polished stainless steel primary and secondary grilling surfaces designed to withstand even the toughest environments!

A swiveling control panel makes it simple to operate the grill, while its piezo ignitor can easily light the flames for effortless lighting. Designed for use with standard disposable 1 lb propane canisters available at most grocery stores and hardware supply outlets; alternatively the regulator can connect directly to existing low pressure propane (LPG) tanks on-board the vehicle.

When it’s time to clean your grill, the process should be straightforward and quick: take two quick twists off each grilling surface, remove the lid from your grill and access its burner assembly; use a damp cloth on its bowl and burner assembly, while the stainless steel grill grate can be quickly washed by hand while its radiant plate allows for effortless cleaning.

An ideal addition for sailboat or powerboat owners alike, the padded grill carry case makes transport easy between marinas. A protective sleeve also keeps it looking its best while not in use – perfect for family barbeque sessions or harbor cookouts alike! A must have for serious grillers on the water!

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