Is Taupe More Tan Or Gray?

Taupe has long been considered an ideal neutral paint color, yet recently has come into its own as an increasingly popular alternative. Boasting subtle hints of both brown and gray hues, taupe makes an eye-catching alternative to plain white in any room; and comes in colors from dark tan to brownish gray that caters for various design styles.

No matter the style of room you’re designing for, taupe stands out from its counterparts as an earthy yet warm hue that can give a room both warmth and sophistication. So how exactly does this shade interact with other hues? In this article, we’ll take a look at some popular taupe paint colors and which pair best with them.

Are You Deliberating Between Taupe and Gray?

Though it might seem like an obvious question, even professional designers sometimes disagree when categorizing taupe as either more tan than gray. Some see it as more grayish tan while others perceive it more as warm tan with subtle gray undertones.

Taupe can have both cool and warm undertones depending on which primary or complementary color is added to its mix; adding blue pigment gives off cooler undertones while red creates warmer ones.

However, when designing with taupe there are certain popular hues many homeowners use when decorating with it. Smoke and Ash from Dunn Edwards Paints is an example of such an option; its warm tan tone pairs well with both brass accents and wood furniture. Certified interior designer Liz Toombs notes that taupe walls “can really make other accessories pop”, providing an ideal canvas for bold accents or light neutral tones alike.

If you want to add some earthiness to your space, try Behr’s Creamy Mushroom taupe for an earthy touch. Its earthy hue evokes the colors found on mushrooms found in nature while pairing well with both sage green and smoky blue accents.

Taupe hues work well when combined with metallics that feature warm tones, such as bronze, aged brass and nickel finishes. Together these modern finishes help create a timeless and polished aesthetic.

Add rich jewel tones like plum and navy blue for an opulent, elegant atmosphere in any modern bedroom. This is another way of using dark taupe with deep jewel tones like plum or navy blue to achieve this rich, sophisticated effect.

Taupe pairs well with traditional palettes featuring dark walnut and golden mahogany wood tones, including dark walnut and mahogany. However, be wary when using weathered or reclaimed wood finishes in rooms painted in lighter taupe shades; over time their looks could easily feel outdated and need repainting altogether.

If you need help selecting colors to complement a certain shade of taupe, call in an expert for some assistance from design or staging professionals. They’ll have plenty of ideas about what decor works well with it as well as ways to rearrange or revamp furniture pieces for optimal results.

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