Indigo Vs Violet

Indigo, a deep blue hue with shades of purple hues, has long been used as a natural dye in fabrics like denim jeans. Indigo can also be found naturally throughout nature, such as skies and ocean waters or plants like indigo bush which has long been part of Australian Aboriginal cultures’ way of life. When applied in design it can create depth with classic reds like tomato. Historically indigo has also been seen as symbolising intuition and knowledge – used as part of spiritual practices and revered among New Age practitioners alike.

Indigo sits between violet and blue on the spectrum and can sometimes be difficult to classify accurately. Patrick O’Donnell, Brand Ambassador for Farrow & Ball states that indigo can often be perceived as blue with an underlying violet tone – making it hard to differentiate from violet shades that may read as closer to purple than anything ‘indigo’ would normally entail.

However, there is a scientific distinction between indigo and violet shades. Isaac Newton coined the term indigo while studying prismatic colors of light; he included it among seven colors identified by him – red, orange, yellow, green, blue cyan and violet being his original list of eight names; but later dropped magenta due to numerological evidence supporting its importance.

Indigo may be associated with violet hues, but indigo actually contains more blue undertones than violet ones, making it a cooler shade on the spectrum that helps create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Indigo also symbolizes trustworthiness and dependability – ideal characteristics to embody in branding products and companies’ products and services.

Violet is a rich color that varies in both cool and warm undertones depending on its shade. As a bluish-purple shade, its temperature varies with how much blue or red there is in its mix. Violet can be soothing shade that has been proven to improve mental health as well as concentration; thus making it popular as study room color choice.

No matter its definition, indigo and violet are stunning shades that can be used creatively. When selecting one for your next project, take time to study its meaning – you might just come up with ideas you never had thought of before! Subscribe to our free newsletter now to stay inspired every week and unsubscribe any time if necessary; I promise no spammy mail will ever arrive in your inbox!

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