Indigo Vs Violet

Indigo and violet are captivating hues that can evoke different moods and aesthetics, yet at first glance appear similar. Their differences can easily be understood by studying their positions on the color wheel as well as understanding historical or cultural associations associated with these hues.

Blue and purple can easily be confused due to their similar placement on the visible light spectrum. Violet stands between blue and purple on a rainbow, while indigo appears darkest of all blue shades. Both indigo and violet share similar properties like saturation, depth and luminosity – yet distinguishing these hues should not be difficult with some basic knowledge about their positions on said spectrum and using well-known mnemonic ROY G BIV to help remember.

Human eyes can distinguish blue from purple hues by identifying wavelengths with distinct frequencies; these frequencies travel through red and blue cones of their eyes before being processed by the brain as their respective hues on the spectrum. Indigo and violet shades, however, present greater challenges as their wavelengths are closer to those found in blue than purple.

Indigo and violet can often be confused for each other if seen out of context, which is why natural examples of their hues such as textiles dyed with natural indigo can serve as useful color references; similarly, studying rainbow bands will show where violet and indigo begin as they move away from red to become bluer.

Indigo and violet are vibrant hues with deep tones that can elicit specific emotions and feelings. Indigo is often associated with spirituality and can create an introspective and relaxing environment, while violet often symbolizes luxury and creativity – popular choices among fashion designers.

Pantone has announced its color for 2022 as “17-3938 Very Peri”, described by Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute as an intense violet that communicates boldness and encourages courageous creativity. We anticipate seeing violet as a popular hue for fashion, interior design and branding projects this year. We can’t wait to witness how designers and brands use this vibrant shade of violet to inspire creative thought and spark innovative new ideas! If you want to gain more knowledge about how this year’s pantone colors and hex codes can be applied in your next project, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media. You can also contact our team with any inquiries.

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