How to Weigh Down Pool Steps

Many pools feature steps in the water for access from their decks. Unfortunately, these steps and ladders may be made of buoyant plastic which causes them to float away if they’re not weighted down properly – becoming both an eyesore and safety hazard when people walk over them. Weighing down pool steps is an easy and affordable task that can be accomplished using common household items.

Most pool steps feature built-in weighting mechanisms or ways, but you can add weight by filling them with pebbles, gravel or sand to keep your steps from floating away. Or try creating your own weighted pool step weights out of empty 1-gallon milk or bleach jugs that have been rinsed out – these make an inexpensive yet effective weight solution if used together to prevent floating.

An alternative method involves placing a bag of sand under the pool steps as an easy and quick solution to weighting them down and keeping them clean. While sand may become discolored over time, regular inspection is necessary in order to detect discoloration or replace as necessary.

There are specially-made bags designed to weigh down pool steps; if you don’t wish to invest in them, however, plastic bottles or waterproof containers can also be used as weighted bags. A screw-cap design may help prevent sand from escaping and entering the pool; three quarters full bottles may prevent breakage if someone steps on them.

Longer-term solutions involve using bricks or cement blocks to weigh down your steps, which are available from home improvement stores at very reasonable costs. Care should be taken when placing these weights to avoid interfering with swimmers or becoming trip hazards for passersby on your pool deck.

Some pool step manufacturers suggest using pea gravel to weigh down ladders and steps. Like sand, pea gravel is widely available and can be purchased at most hardware stores; for optimal results, consider purchasing it from your local garden center as this will make matching the color and texture to that of your pool easier.

Hubert Miles, an NACHI certified pool and spa inspector, stresses the importance of weighting down pool steps to keep them secure and safe to use, according to him. Without this measure in place, they could shift and float, making climbing them challenging or impossible altogether. Weighting them down with common household items or pool-safe materials such as bricks or concrete blocks is an easy and quick task that anyone can accomplish; for those without access to this equipment a professional service provider could assist.

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