How to Weigh Down Pool Steps

Many pools that aren’t on the ground require steps or ladders for accessing the water, often made of buoyant plastic that tends to float upward during use unless weighted properly. This not only presents an inconvenience but can be hazardous as someone could step onto one and fall in, endangering swimmers’ safety. Luckily there are various solutions to weigh down pool steps in order to combat this issue.

Some ladders and steps come equipped with built-in weight solutions, such as an undercarriage of a ladder featuring a capped hole for you to add weight. When adding weight, read through and understand what instructions need to be followed carefully as too much sand could make your ladder unstable; too little could result in it sinking beneath water levels instead of helping.

Make your own pool weights using materials you already have around the house as long as they are waterproof, such as containers previously used to store food – like an empty ice cream or yogurt tub – which you could fill with sand and tie to the base of the ladder for easy and cost-effective weight addition that also keeps sand out of your pool filtration system. This provides added weight without risking possible blockage issues in future.

An empty swimming pool toy, such as one featuring an air valve and intended to help children swim more efficiently, may also work effectively in keeping sand from floating away and becoming a potential trip hazard for anyone using or walking around your pool deck or patio area. Pour some sand into these items securely then position them at the base of your ladder where most needed. This will also prevent it from becoming an obstruction to movement during use by others using these items on their journey up or down your ladder.

Pea gravel may also be used to weight down ladders and steps, though its effects are less effective than sand. Be mindful that adding gravel could clog your pool filter and automatic cleaner system; monitor closely to ensure no leakage into your pool occurs. Fill empty, clean milk jugs or similar containers with gravel; however, doing this risks having its contents spill into your pool and cloud up its water. If this occurs, it would be necessary to drain and refill the milk jugs with water in order to solve this problem. If you can’t locate or craft the ideal material for your needs, specialized pool step weights might be an economical alternative that are easily removable if necessary in the future. These solutions often offer more economical solutions while remaining easily removable if necessary.

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