How to Use Shiplap in Your Bedroom

Shiplap has quickly become a stylish design trend that adds character and charm to any bedroom. By choosing this rustic yet contemporary material as an accent wall or throughout your personal retreat, its rustic yet contemporary aesthetic can instantly transform it. When combined with appropriate color palette, textures, and accessories, shiplap can create warmth and character to any style of bedroom – providing your own private sanctuary!

One simple and effective way to add shiplap to your bedroom is with a half-wall installation. This design element serves as a headboard alternative, an accent behind a bed or seating area or can even serve as the backdrop for statement art or furniture pieces. Pair your half-wall shiplap installation with walls in complementary shades or wallpaper to achieve a balanced and pleasing aesthetic.

Shiplap ceiling installations offer another excellent way to use shiplap in your bedroom, unifying all aspects of design within your space and offering a unique alternative to slanted ceilings. A black shiplap ceiling can instantly cozie up a master suite while adding texture and character. In contrast, white shiplap can help brighten up a dark bedroom by giving an airier and brighter feeling to it all.

Shiplap walls paired with white headboards and wood accents is an easy and effective way to bring rustic style into any bedroom. The neutral palette allows wood and metal accents to stand out against the shiplap for a truly warm and cozy atmosphere in this room. Replicating this look at home using faux planks such as Eucaboard is simple.

Shiplap wall panels can add the perfect finishing touch to any style of bedroom decor, from coastal and farmhouse to modern. When applied horizontally or vertically it makes narrow rooms appear wider, while when placed vertically it draws the eye upwards making your room appear taller. Diagonal shiplap panels also serve to highlight artwork, furnishings and accessories in your room.

Sarah Saucedo made this unique shiplap wall by employing vertical boards in an unusual staggered pattern that serves as the focal point in her home. For an additional pop of color in her bedroom she painted each plank turquoise to add further dimension and vibrancy.

Add shiplap for an elegant touch without overwhelming your room by incorporating it into trim or corner moldings in your bedroom. This project can easily be completed by most DIY enthusiasts themselves and adds a subtle hint of shiplap that adds dimension. Just be sure to use a stud finder and pencil when marking the locations where your shiplap will go in order to ensure it remains securely straight when installed.

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