How to Use Hydrangeas As a Filler

Brides who desire romantic bouquets often turn to classic blooms like peonies and garden roses when designing their arrangements, yet an underrated bloom like the hydrangea may offer just as much impact if used as filler flowers. Hydrangeas come in all kinds of hues from soft pinks to rich blues and creamy white hues; their intricate details create a gorgeous aesthetic that pairs beautifully with any color scheme.

If you want your wedding flowers to make a statement, opt for cascading arrangements that create a dramatic focal point in your venue. White hydrangeas paired with cafe au lait dahlias and roses create the ideal rustic or barn wedding arrangement, while dusty miller accents add natural charm and beauty.

Fishers Flowers used hydrangeas as the centerpiece and base for this wedding bouquet by starting with two large white hydrangeas and adding smaller green hydrangeas for an even pattern throughout. After wrapping all of their blooms in white ribbon for an attractive finish, Fishers Flowers secured them all together using stem wrap.

Threading can add extra texture and dimension to hydrangea and rose bouquets by inserting the end of a stem through one of its petals – it’s kind of like sewing! When you have your desired pattern, add stem wrap for stability before cutting all flowers to equal lengths before tying your bouquet using ribbon and corsage pins, as desired.

Add an air of romance to a traditional white hydrangea bouquet by including burgundy garden roses and berries for an eye-catching fall-inspired wedding bouquet by Bussey’s, or switch up its design by substituting yellow stems for yellow ones for summer wedding dates instead.

Hydrangeas make an elegant choice in any wedding bouquet, and vintage-themed ceremonies call for them in particular. To achieve an exquisite and timeless bouquet, combine large white hydrangeas with smaller burgundy garden roses and eucalyptus leaves – for the ideal blend of simplicity and sophistication.

If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding, add hyacinths to your bouquet to bring out the pink hues in the hydrangeas and complement the color scheme of your event. These delicate blooms, often called baby’s breath flowers, make for stunning centerpieces or can fill an aisle with chic and timeless ceremonies.

This beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas and roses will leave a lasting impression, whether you are walking down the aisle or enjoying a meal together after your big day. Add an elegant touch to your home by hanging it from door frames or windows for beautiful decor element, or use it to dress up mantels, vanity tables, or entryway tables!

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