How to Use Dark Blue Purple in Your Designs

Purple has long been associated with wealth and royalty, yet also symbolizes spirituality and peace. Used to create calming effects and help those suffering from anxiety, it remains one of the world’s most widely used colors and is seen in numerous designs and styles around us today. When used correctly, purple can elevate designs by making them feel luxurious yet professional.

There are various shades of purple available, and dark blue purple can add an edge of seductiveness and drama to your designs. Additionally, this hue works great as a background color as its many complimentary tones can bring other elements in your design to life.

The Baltimore Ravens use an extremely unique shade of dark purple in their logo – it features plenty of red for an eye-catching and less classic purple look. This vibrant hue goes great with both dark and light blues!

Lilac, another close hue to blue but more toward purple than its counterpart, can add energy and freshness to any design project. It works particularly well when combined with turquoise hues.

Are You Searching for an Eye-Catching Purple Shade? Consider Fuchsia Blue as it offers an alternative that’s just as striking, without the Yellows and Blacks which could make the shade seem less striking. It is very striking while still remaining non-yellow or non-black making its shades seem less muted.

This hue was named for the purple amaranth flower, a type of pigweed. Its name echoes its subtle hue: lighter than lilac with subtle undertones of blue that make this shade perfect for spring or summer designs, clothing or textile products and even interior decorating projects.

Munsell Purple is part of the Munsell Color System, an approach to classifying hue, chroma and value of colors that makes for easy color classification. Known for its vibrant bluish-purple tone that adds vibrancy to any design project. Munsell Purple makes an excellent choice when creating metal prints or engravings as its dark tone creates elegant and sophisticated images; logo designers will find this an especially good choice against white backgrounds; it pairs well with blue and brown tones too – making this shade suitable for weddings or other formal events!

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