How to Use a Shiplap Bedroom Wall

Shiplap wall covering has become an increasingly popular wall treatment in bedrooms due to its rustic and cozy aesthetic. Furthermore, its versatility means it can be painted to coordinate or contrast with other bedroom colors and decor elements; you can install an entire shiplap wall in your bedroom, or simply incorporate it as a subtle feature wall. Metrie has collected some ideas for using shiplap in projects here at Metrie! Here are just a few ways this material could inspire your next endeavor.

Shiplap behind shelving can add texture without making a dramatic statement, making this style the ideal option for those unsure about making full feature walls a commitment. Metrie illustrates how shiplap adds visual interest while drawing focus to whatever items are on display in open bookcases.

White shiplap walls are an ever-popular choice in any bedroom. Their versatile nature suits most color palettes, while dark stain or paint colors can add depth and tone down or highlight certain sections. Installing this inexpensive upgrade is straightforward too – plus, it’s easily removable later if your tastes change! Lisa Bass created an unforgettable bedroom featuring shiplap walls as a stunning backdrop for her eclectic gallery wall and black and white bedding ensemble.

Farmhouseonboone found an elegant solution to decorating an attic bedroom’s angled walls: covering them in shiplap and painting them all one color to create a cozy and welcoming look that draws the eye upwards to make the ceiling seem higher. White walls draw eyes upwards while helping make the ceiling seem higher!

Install shiplap as an accent wall to frame artwork for an eye-catching statement, like in this wall idea from Creating a Home. Not only does the material add character, it serves as an effective backdrop to other design features like vintage mirrors and brass wall sconces – creating a striking result!

If you like the look of shiplap walls but are unwilling to commit fully, consider painting just one paneled section instead. This gives all the visual impact with reduced effort and cost; perfect for protecting bathroom walls against water splashes and stains!

Erin Williamson Design shows us how this home improvement project uses shiplap – unlike wallpaper – as a combustible material around a fireplace by installing and keeping six inches away from flame. They combine natural wood panels with white surround panels for a truly romantic aesthetic.

This bedroom’s walls don’t quite blend in with its gray shiplap walls, but the bright striped fabric accent wall brings them together and serves as an ideal background for vibrant throw pillows and unique wooden frames. Meanwhile, its neutral palette keeps this look feeling current and stylish.

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