How to Make an Ant Moat for Your Hummingbird Feeder

If ants are an issue at your hummingbird feeder, there are various solutions you can employ to keep them at bay. Ant moats (sometimes referred to as baffles or guards) offer one great way to do just that by creating an invisible barrier that they cannot cross. Ant moats offer an eco-friendly alternative to using sticky materials or pesticides around your feeder that won’t hurt the birds as well as being safe for family, pets and the environment alike. Many feeders already come equipped with one, while there are also DIY versions you can create yourself at home!

An ant moat is a shallow trough placed beneath your hummingbird feeder and filled with water to trap any ants that attempt to access its nectar source. Most ant moats are constructed from metal with powder coating for corrosion resistance and come equipped with S hooks or hanger rods to hang your feeder from. In hot climates, salad oil may also be added to reduce evaporation rates and keep the moat from drying out too rapidly.

Some have reported success using Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) or another lubricant on their hanger rod to deter ants from reaching hummingbird feeders, though this can be messy and could pose risks to birds if any drops onto their feathers. Therefore, water-only moats may be preferable. It is also essential that feeders be cleaned on a regular basis so ant moats remain effective.

Ants may be adept at crawling and climbing, but they’re not exactly known for being excellent swimmers. Instead, they’d much rather try crossing bodies of water such as fountains, ponds or birdbath than try crossing an ant moat. If there is water nearby, placing your hummingbird feeder there could provide an effective alternative solution without using an ant moat.

Ant moats come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors – some can even be found online at Amazon! And don’t forget DIY options you can make with simple items like an empty soda bottle or coat hanger; some people have even experimented with using plastic bundt cake pans as ant moats!

The Ant Moat shown here is one of Amazon’s most popular choices and comes in bright red to match most hummingbird feeders. Installation is straightforward using its S hook that fits most hangers; fill it with water, mineral oil or ground cinnamon as an alternative to store-bought Permethrin ant guards for better ant control. However, some have reported issues when hanging it above larger oriole or hummingbird feeders and recommend only filling your moat with water for optimal performance.

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