How to Install Shiplap Bedroom Wall Decor

Shiplap wall paneling is one of the trendiest wall covering options available, yet its appearance depends on how it’s installed. Horizontally fitted shiplap can make rooms feel wider and more open; vertically fitted shiplap can create a sense of grandeur and sophistication in any room it’s placed in. This innovative design technique can easily fit into any bedroom by selecting suitable color schemes and styles.

Shiplap wall decor adds character and rustic charm to any bedroom, from rustic farmhouse to modern farmhouse. It works especially well with natural wood tones or painted in different shades like classic white and moody gray; for an unexpected twist try staining it dark or adding rich wood tones like espresso. Additionally, its textural surface works well when combined with other textures like linen fringed pillows or velvet headboards.

Shiplap half walls can add texture and serve as an eye-catching focal point in any room, particularly modern farmhouse bedroom ideas where its natural wood tones help define focal walls or room dividers.

Finishes can make or break the look of your shiplap installation, and crown molding from House 9 Interiors adds a clean and polished look that unifies this example from House 9. If using crown molding in your project, be sure that its boards line up perfectly without creating unsightly gaps between it and your wall surface.

If you want to add a cozy feel to your shiplap wall, consider opting for darker stain. Emily Henderson Design used an intense shade of green wood paneling in this basement family room from Emily Henderson Design as an accent wall, adding pops of color while remaining harmonious with other natural elements in the space such as its reclaimed barn beam ceiling and light wood cabinetry.

One way to add some flair and character to your shiplap installation is by installing it diagonally. This method works especially well when combined with existing fireplace or feature walls in the room, creating an eye-catching visual element. Furthermore, its angled pattern offers contrast against geometric designs present elsewhere in the space.

Shiplap may be most commonly thought of as a wall covering, but it can also be applied to ceilings for an eye-catching contemporary and rustic design. This look accentuates natural wood beams while drawing the eyes upward with its unique patterning.

If you don’t want to commit to a full shiplap ceiling, why not just paint planks on your walls instead? It’s easier than you might think and allows for instantaneous changes should the look become outdated or unappealing – just ensure that you use quality paint and follow the same installation method for horizontal shiplap so your boards look consistent and smooth.

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