How to Get Rid of Green Stains on Wood

Doing your part to maintain outdoor spaces requires more than simply looking great – seeing discolorations caused by algae stains on wooden fences, decks and furniture is one of the main challenges people face today. While these discolorations don’t harm the wood itself, they are difficult to remove and make surfaces appear dirty if left alone for too long. But that doesn’t have to be the case! With proper products and methods in mind you can eliminate unsightly green algae stains.

Some may mistake green algae discoloration with mildew; however, they should not be confused. Though both can be found in damp environments, green algae usually forms slimy pads while mildew tends to grow in black-white fuzzy patterns – best way to differentiate is color!

Algae is an aquatic plant known for its ability to flourish in warm, moist environments. Most commonly found in shaded spots, algae can quickly become an eyesore on exterior wood surfaces and cause serious damage if left unchecked.

Algae can discolor wood surfaces as well as damage its structural integrity, penetrating moisture into it to warp and splinter, while its slimy texture creates dangerous slippery surfaces that should be cleared immediately upon detection. Therefore, any trace of green algae should be eliminated as soon as it appears on your surfaces.

If the green stains persist, painting over them temporarily may help cover them up temporarily. While this solution is short-term, algae can easily return and leave behind unsightly marks; for best results, take the extra time necessary to cleanse and treat the wood for green tint rather than covering up its effects with paint.

One of the easiest ways to remove green stains from wood surfaces is with a power washer. After donning any necessary protective gear, wet down the surface of wood and apply your chosen chemical solution before beginning scrubbing with a brush – until green stains start fading away! Once satisfied that all algae has been eliminated from the surface, rinse it out carefully and allow it to dry before placing furniture back onto it – repeat this annual cleaning process to keep your green wood looking its best!

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